MAG Goes To Vegas, Won't Stay In Vegas

Super Street Fighter IV won't be the only game in town during next week's CES convention in Las Vegas. Sony's bringing Zipper Interactive's PlayStation 3 shooter MAG to the show, giving fans a chance to rub elbows and shoot bullets.

It's a pretty straightforward affair. You show up, you're of age, you play some MAG and socialized with the Zipper Interactive folks, peppering them with questions about the next SOCOM in between hands-on time with the "final beta."

Additional details are right here, but if you happen to miss out on the good natured festivities, the game will hit North American store shelves just a few weeks later.

Oh, here's some important information!

Who: You and 99 other diehard MAG fans When: Thursday, January 7 from 4:00 to 7:00pm Where: The Aria Hotel at CityCenter in Las Vegas, Nevada

Requirements: · You must be 18 years-old or older – ID *will* be checked by burly men! · You must RSVP via the Facebook event page. · Don't hang out in the main lobby! Line up outside Juniper rooms 2 & 3.

Celebrate MAG Going Gold in Vegas – CES Meetup details []


    MAG is one of those games that will either be really good, or really bad. Just the epic nature of the game makes for a good idea, 250 people on one map going at it. But how will this work?, especially for us Australians?, are we just put in a queue when we enter and join the first available battle?, or do we have Aussie servers for more online stability?, if that’s the case (I doubt it) then it may be some time before you actually have 250 together, I realise that the game will probably let you play regardless of how many people are actually in that game, but if it’s just a 10 on 10 then this game is just another bog standard shooter.

      Play the beta before you presume it won't work. The large maps can be segmented down for smaller engagements, and the beta has been capped below the 128v128 level, but it runs very smoothly with the number of folks who've been playing so far. It actually does play a bit like a squad-based game, in as much as your squad is usually attacking an objective that one or 2 enemy squads are defending. The difference is that when you achieve your goal, there's another one in a new map section right after it, and as the battle progresses the different fighting fronts converge into one large fracas. This game may be a lot of things, some will criticise it for not being pretty enough and others for moving at a slower pace than other shooters, but I'm not sure folks will consider it bog standard.

      Of course, the game has only had limited players so far, so I haven't seen the full deal, and I can't guarantee that the extra network load will be handled well. But that's what open betas are for, maybe I'll see you in there...

        It's good how they've done the map design; creating distinct areas for each platoon to battle in, while still enabling cross map travel if that's your thing. Epic battles will definitely be had on MAG, though I'm still anxious to see if the latency holds up. If it does, MAG will definitely be a contender for GOTY 2010. I'm not confident about how the platoon/squad leadership works, as stated in another article, a dick leader could just fuck it up for the whole team, and a good leader will definitely lead a team to victory.

        All in all, with SSFIV and MAG at this convention, I'm looking forward to the updates by the Kotaku editors and the numerous amount of videos that'll pop up after this.

        Also: David are you going to CES, as our very own Kotaku AU correspondent?

        I believe 128 vs 128 IS a 256 player map =p

        Its not exactly a slow shooter, not at all like KZ2.

        As for servers, you are queued into the first available, the problem with domination is that it takes ages for a game to start.
        By 'ages', up to a few hours if you arent watching the time.

        Playing from Australia, voice communication with anyone all over the world if crystal clear.

        One thing I know I won’t like about this game is the direction that this game and almost all FPS games are taking these days, I don’t want to see FPS games just become an outlet for people to rack up kills online, I actually enjoy the single player of FPS games. It’s pretty obvious that single player of any kind is on the backburner when making FPS games today. Let’s say as a hypothetical that MAG works brilliantly, sells millions and is a huge it, everyone will start ripping it off like crazy and that will be the end of FPS single player for another 5 years. Just look how quickly people are ripping off MW2.

        I know I can’t speak for everyone, but to me its single player not multiplayer that makes an FPS great.

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