MAG Open Beta Is Just Around The Corner

Zipper Interactive has announced a massive multiplayer open beta for the PlayStation 3's massive multiplayer shooter MAG.

MAG has gone gold, and all is on course for its January 26 North American release. Now all Zipper Interactive and Sony have to do is make sure the game doesn't explode on launch day, so they're holding an open beta for the game between January 4 and January 10. When they say open, they mean extremely open. If you are in a territory with the PlayStation Network, then you're in. Simply log into the PlayStation Network tomorrow, download the MAG open beta demo, start it up, and wait for it to download upwards of 2.3GB of data. You'll want to do this as early as possible, to make sure you aren't stuck waiting when the 4th rolls around.

Consider it Zipper Interactive's way of saying Merry Christmas, please buy our game next month.

MAG is Gold, Beta for Everyone Soon [PlayStation Blog]


    Looks like Bayonetta demo may just be getting deleted... Sorry, you tiny-headed bespectacled catwalk model witch ninja! Will see you again next year for full release...

      Perfect timing really, Bayonetta comes out on January 7th, so it's not as if she'll be far away... anyone can last 3 days right? :p


      To be honest though, this is a pretty big test for them and glad they are doing this before the game hits the shelves...

      Previous Betas they had... limited users, scaled back matches, Beta "open" times... So sure, while the servers were getting hammered for their open 4-5 hour periods, it was still 'limited'...

      This is now 24/7 access all areas, so it really will be interesting to see it holds up, would expect the first day to not go as well as they hope, thus fixing it before it's on sale...

      Shame they couldn't update the client to 1 single file from the PS Store, downloading patches is 3 times as slow for me than from the store...

    The MAG Beta opens on my birthday WOOT!

    It's a really good game (was in the last 2 beta tests) but I don't think I can be bothered downloading 2 1/2 gb just for a week of playing.

    However, if you haven't played MAG yet, definitely do it. It's awesome.

    PS3 owners report back and tell me if MAG can handle 256 players online at once. I'm interested to see this, since it could mean a whole no range of possibilities for the PS3.

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