Mario? There's An App For That

For a limited time (ie until lawyers take it down), you can get an app for the iPhone that lets you walk around pretending you're stuck in a Mario game.

It's called iRwego (un hunh hunh), and is $US1 (the $US1.19 listed above is for the Australian store). My extensive hands-on impressions follow.


    That's actually pretty good.

    An app called World 9 has been offering accelerometre-controlled Mario jumping sounds since the birth of the app store and is still available. Whoever made this app has basically just taken someone else's idea and added a whole lot of cease-and-desist bait.

    Think its gone now. :( Just checked. 12:34 AM

    "the $US1.19 listed above is for the Australian store"

    I think the Australian store uses Australian Dollars (unlike Steam).

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