Mass Effect 2 Expands To 2 Discs, Sometimes 3

The sheer number of foxy blue alien women in Mass Effect 2 has pushed the limits of the DVD format's storage capabilities. As a result, BioWare is spreading the Xbox 360 and PC game across two discs.

While that won't mean that much to owners of the PC version—it's a two-disc install—poor Xbox 360 owners will suffer the galactic inconvenience of a disc swap at some point. Chris Priestly, community coordinator of BioWare, says it's not so bad.

"Even though there is a disc swap, it occurs at a carefully planned place in the game (that does not interfere with gameplay) and is done once," Priestly wrote on the Mass Effect 2 forums. "You do not swap back and forth. 1 swap and then done."

As for that third disc mentioned in the headline of this post? That's only included in the Collector's Edition version of Mass Effect 2, offering "making of" content on a dedicated DVD. Whew!

So, 2 discs then? [Mass Effect 2 Community]


    Swap back and forth like Star Ocean. That was a pain as this will be, even if I have to only get out my chair once! Hmmm maybe the PC version looks better all the time.

    Would it not be easier just to make use of the hard drive in the 360? I have one, I paid the premium for it, like a lot of others, so why should I not be able to use it?

    My gripe with multidisk games is a lot of content gets replicated across the disks (specifically the game engine, common models, etc).

    But what if I want to do the story again Paragon/Renegade, will I have too swap it again?

    I'm suprised they came out to comment about it at all really, doesn't seem like an issue. Were they expecting an outcry from 360 owners?

    Hey David can you find out if you can "install to HD" BOTH DVDs on the 360, cause that would be sweet (although space-chewing)

      You should be able to. I have Star Ocean, Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon. All of them are multigame disks and each disk is uniquely marked when you install the game.

      Mind you I only keep the current disk installed but I am confident that more than one disk can be installed.

    wouldn't have this prob if it was on the ps3 & blu-ray...pfft hehe

      That is true. But like I said earlier, there are XBox 360 owners with hard drives, such as myself. Yet all games are designed to support atleast 360 owners without a hard drive.

      While I can understand that not everyone can offer the drive, it is rediculous that Microsoft do not make any attempt to use them.

      Yeah, then you'd only have to worry about blu-ray's terrible seek times. The elevator from Mass Effect for virtually every load screen...

        There are two good ways of getting around that:
        1) Install a cache, as often seen in most PS3 games.

        2) Same as (1), but keep a minimal cache that improves streaming, as seen in Uncharted.

        While seek time was a concern to start with, it was quickly addressed.

    If only there were some type of disc that held say 50gb...

    oh god, if a PC game contains two DVD's you know its a shotty console port. PC games should not need more then one Dual layer DVD disc because thats what the installation is for, to unpack the compression. This just means essentially you are just copying the disc on the HDD, where the game streams a la console.

    Cool by me. I come from the days of ole pc's where you sometimes had up to 6 - 8 discs for a game. No biggie.

    Who cares about a solitary disc swap after 20 hours + of gameplay - If you are playing straight through and it is inconvenient to get of the couch after that time you have bigger issues. The ONLY time a disc swap would be annoying would be if you needed to do it regularly - I swapped discs myself playing different games more than any game has required me to do itself anyway...

    7 Disks for Wing Commander 4 springs to mind.

    Anybody who has a tantrum about disk swapping on a game is phenominally lazy.

    Bioware, whilst great RPG makers, have never been that skilled at the technical side of games, most of their games are buggy and are only just capable of being played through at release time. It would not surprise me if this was some sort of laziness on biowares behalf, lack of knowledge in the area of coding and formatting to reduce size etc.

    Remember how UT3 wasn't going to fit? But then epic worked it out anyway.

    Michael, can you ask if this means we don't get to go galavanting around the galaxy again... or if the single disc swap means we will be playing the game in a more linear manner?

    ah well, more disks means more content, and more content means more bang for my buck. sounds good to me.

    They need to take advantage of the disc storage on the 360 IMO to make games like this work... If only you could play over both discs after having them both on the HDD...

    Might have to do PC version of this time round

    It is ONE disc-swap. It happens ONCE during the game's plotline. Is this really so bad?

    Final Fantasy 7 has three or four discs. The original Metal Gear Solid (and MGS Twin Snakes) has two.

    Yes, disc-swapping is bad for immersion. But it ONLY HAPPENS ONCE! Honestly, I don't see why it is so bad to have to change discs once.

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