Mass Effect 2's Cinematic Trailer In Full

You've seen half of Mass Effect 2's cinematic trailer; why not kick back and watch the entire thing.

If you're thinking of watching this at work, or with little ones around, be warned: there is an exploding space worm.


    And BOOM goes the worm-in-ite.

    Always cool to watch explosions. Always.

    I need a cigarette

    Holy Fuck.

    Holy Unadalterated Unrelenting Freaking Awesomness Batman!

    Fantastic. I just wish it was gameplay footage.

    *picks up jaw*


    Any news on that Milf?

    Just Wonderful.

    More and more I am looking forward to ME2. I just hope they fixed the horrible mako planet exploration sequences from the first one.

    Essentially I am still searching for a modern Star Control 2.

    I can continue to dream, right ?

    absolutely stunning in every way.
    i can't wait to get some hands on time with this one :)

    Mass Effect is seriously the greatest universe/story to make into a film. Even it was CGI like this, it would be awesome.

    Halo & Mass Effect NEED to be movies.

    Cool video... I was quite attracted by the first iteration but got bored so quickly by the absence of rythm and the monotone of the characters. I don't know, the game had great graphics, great story, ok gameplay but was lacking something, like a bit more energetic maybe? I hope the next one will be better on this aspect.

    Also, I am seriously sick of the page reloading in the middle of the video. It happens all the time with kotaku, gizmodo, etc. What's the deal with that?

      Entering any text in the comments field will stop the autorefresh.

        Errr... but that's not really a solution is it? Was this implemented on purpose?

    yeeeeaaah Bioware, just take my wallet.

    That looks amazing. The VO cast looks astoundingly good, the story looks to be kicking it up a gear - as long as the side quests are more interesting and the Mako doesn't handle like a tissue in a tornado, this is looking to be a fantastic game.

    Myes, myes. All very pretty. The real question everyone is wondering is: Do we get to sleep with the Krogan this time?

    Yes please!

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