Mass Effect 2's New Blue Girl Kicks Ass

Meet Samara, the latest addition to Mass Effect 2's character roster. She's an Asari Justicar who isn't afraid to step on a few necks to get the job done. Check out her video debut.

"Find peace in the embrace of the Goddess," indeed. Judging by the video and screenshots, Samara will serve as a stark contrast to the first Mass Effect's softer Asari, Liara T'Soni. Possessing extremely powerful Biotic powers, Sammie here has forsworn family, given up worldly possessions other than weapons and armour, and set off across the galaxy in search of justice. Will she find it at Shepard's side? That's probably up to you.


    But I loved Liara T'Soni, not as much as Ashley though.

    Have Bioware said how romances from the first game affect the second?

    She reminds me of Gloria from DMC4. She'll be an interesting comparison to Liara...

    I like how they're doing these information tidbits before the game's release. Its just enough to be tantalising, but I don't feel like too much is being divulged. It's the perfect amount.

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