Mass Effect 3 Will End Story Arc

Mass Effect 3 is no secret; BioWare's said for some time this is a trilogy. But we can expect that that sequel will be the final chapter - to this story arc, anyway.

Shacknews reports that Casey Hudson, the series' project director, told a press event in Edmonton that, "'Mass Effect 3' will be easier because we don't have to worry about the continuity into the next one."

There's no way BioWare will walk away from a money-printing IP like this, even after three titles, so it invites speculation on just what exactly they'll do with this universe they've built after Mass Effect 3. A prequel might be enticing, but you'd also have the whole "in what order do I play these" debate for people just coming to the series.

So anyway, enjoy Shepard and all the others while you've got him, which is for the next two games. Tops. BioWare Already Looking Forward to Mass Effect 3 [Shacknews via MTV Multiplayer]


    Next step will be to do an MMO in the mass effect universe. By the time they finish the third, they'll have a whole heap of lore and planets fleshed out that players will be able to visit.

    The citadel will be a huge city and players will have their own ships for travelling into the terminus systems...

    Can't wait!

    Nick, actually I don't want the Citadel to stay around, I hope in #3 they destroy it in some giant explosion and build their own even bigger centre ... :)

    never even thought of that Nick. that would be awesome.
    I've always compared the new Star Wars MMO to Mass effect - i absolutely love the graphics in Mass Effect 1 and just thought for a MMO, Star Wars looks amazing.

    Now i understand Mass Effect 1 was fairly successful, i hope they don't choke on their own words here. No doubt Mass Effect 2 should follow its predecessor, until we see numbers, lets not call it a money printing IP.

    massively multiplayer online role playing games you see little timmy this is where franchises go to die...

    jokes aside i just really really hate MMO's im not saying they dot have thier place but since the rise of WoW everyone is clamering to make the next WoW and personally i dont want to see the mass effect universe recive the MMO kiss of death.

    on a side note mass effect would work quite well as a movie (as long as its an original story with original charictors and a different plot tot he the game not a game to movie conversion trainwreck that we see too painfully often)

      I do love a good youseeTimmy.

      As a movie, even the original game could work.
      But as an MMO, I think you're right.

      It might work as a massively single player game, which I think Bioware's trying with the new Star Wars, The Old Republic game.

    As much as I LOVE Mass Effect if it finishes with a 3rd game on this generation of consoles and does'nt reapear for awhile at least it will (hopefully) be going out on a high note.

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