Maybe The Fakest On Screen Gaming Ever

Maybe! When actors or celebs play video games on television or in movies, it generally looks pretty darn fake — probably because they're not really playing.

But at least they are playing something on a TV screen and NOT ON THE FLOOR.

Without missing a beat, Morning Musume leader Ai Takahashi says, "So intense! Way fun!" and then goes on to mash buttons. Cute, sure.

Remember, if anyone asks you about Final Fantasy XIII, just tell them, "Battle, Graphic, Character."

Actually interviewed Ai Takahashi for the schoolgirl book I'm writing — and a bunch of other Morning Musume ladies. They're nice people.



    Those wacky Japanese.

    Video got taken down... ah well.

    Probably more to do with the direction than anything, Ai Chan is actually a huuuuge FF mark, even more so than Yaguchi Mari and that's saying something!

    She is actually a fan of the series incase you didn't know...

    Well, it sure looks fake, but maybe because you haven't seen her eat, she does the same way XD.
    I totally see her playing like that in her house.
    By the way, she's a greater fan of Final Fantasy me (and that too much) and maybe that's biggest difference with other celebrity game playing commercials.

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