Mechwarrior Meets Crysis, They Get Along Just Fine

Having been in development for over three years - and having missed its original release window by a whole twelve months - a promising MechWarrior mod for Crysis has finally been released.

It's called MechWarrior: Living Legends, and is the work of some modders by the name of Wandering Samurai. While ready for download and good to go, the mod is technically in "open beta", so don't go expecting the world.

Go into it expecting a reasonably polished, playable and surprisingly good-looking mod, however, and you'll be just fine.

[Mechwarrior: Living Legends]


    Wow... for a mod those graphics look absolutely awesome.

    Mechwarrior was one of the very first games I played on a PC, this mod looks like it really does the source material justice as far as scale is concerned. I shall have to reinstall Crysis and check this sucker out!

    how much i love this game/world aside... you think that they could adjust the bandwith and mirrors on their server to compensate for a rise in traffic so we could perhaps download said mod? not angry, just thought it would be helpful if you were trying to release a mod to the greater online public is all...

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