Meet Lost Planet 2's Defolma

Defolma may not be a massive boss monster, but with squid-like arms, a mouth on the top of its head, and a penchant for tight spaces, the latest addition to Lost Planet 2's akrid population is nothing to scoff at.

Oh fine, go ahead and scoff. It's a squid with a mouth on its head. Certainly doesn't sound like a very efficient killing machine. I guess it has to grab the player and toss it into the air like popcorn, catching them in its mouth as he or she drops. I hope the3se akrid have a voice, so we can hear it saying "Wait... do over" every time you bounce off its face.

Lost Planet 2 Akrid Profile: Defolma [Capcom Unity]


    I’ve always loved enemies like this in games, my favourite author is H.P Lovecraft, his stories are full of monsters that are 100 feet tall and are basically a mismatch of every demonic animal you can think of. Resistance and gears of war did this well, as did RE4 that weird swamp monster was awesome. This type of monster sure beats the hell out of I remember finishing Condemned 2 and thinking that last boss was about as well thought out as new coke.

      comments in HTML less than/greater than signs dont actually come up in the text do they?, i should have known.

      Yeah, Gears and RE4 had awesome monsters. I think RE5 took it even up another notch, especially with Oroboros Excella and Wesker's final fight, they were awesome. Especially the ending cutscene. I especially loved the quick-time events in RE5, I loved how they didn't have much button mashing, and you could see the damage that you do to the enemies. Yep.

      RE5> Gears 2> RE4> Gears 1> Resistance

      But they're all outstanding in monster design. I agree andrew, and even games like SoTC were awesome.

    I still cant stop playing the demo of LP2, its so damn fun. One of my most anticipated 2010 games :D

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