Meet Mad Moxxi, Borderlands' Madam Of Mayhem

Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot, Borderlands' next DLC package, promises a gameplay mode that Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford vows is all-new. This cinematic introduces Moxxi and makes it clear you - and some old friends - are her playthings.


    If they try and splice in some dodgy RTS mode I'm going to be real dissapointed. In saying that though, I'm still gonna buy this first day =D

    Good to see Gearbox is still pumping heaps of personality into their game. Also likeing how they re-used some previous characters there. Hiyoooooo!

    That looks really fun, actually. I always thought the arenas in the original game were too short, or too buggy (the second one I had to play through multiple times; I either lost, or the guys never spawned and I was stuck in there).

    So a full coliseum looks awesome.

    Great, now I have to choose between Mad Moxxi and Lilith for my secret Borderlands crush. :(

    Is it just me or does it look like they gave The Johnny Depp Mad Hatter some tits?

    MAd Moxxixixixixiiiiii

    im pumped as

    Hmm... I'm debating which DLC for Borderlands to get first. Mad Moxxi is more appealing to me, since I liked the Arenas and the inclusion of the bank system is a major plus. Zombie Ned didn't seem like a major improvement, I've heard mixed reviews.

    Anyone got thoughts on Zombie Ned?

    I really enjoyed the Zombie Ned DLC, so won't think twice about getting the next instalment the second it comes out. I thought the Zombie DLC had a better ending than the game itself, and now they're making arenas better to. Sounds good to me!

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