Metacritic Names PS3 The Best Gaming Platform Of 2009

Media review aggregator Metacritic has released a list of the top games and consoles of 2009, with the PlayStation 3 coming out on top of the site's first annual Game Platform Power Ranking.

The Game Platform Power Ranking isn't just about the average review score of games across the various platforms. Metacritic takes into account the number of titles scored a 90 or higher when calculating the winner, which explains how the PlayStation 3 came out on top, despite PC titles having an average score of 72.5 to the PS3's 72.0.

As you can see in the chart, the Xbox 360 takes third place, followed by the Sony PSP. Nintendo's two platforms take up the rear, perhaps as result of having more games released than any other console platform.

So the PlayStation 3 is the top console, what are the top games?

The PlayStation 3 tops the chart again, with the first three positions taken up with PS3 titles. In fact, of the three titles in the list that are platform exclusives, two of those belong to the PlayStation 3 - number one Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and the God of War Collection, with Xbox 360 racer Forza Motorsport 3 being the third.

Not one game in the top 10 best reviewed games for the year is for the Nintendo Wii, with only a lone DS game - Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars - joining the five PS3 and four Xbox 360 titles.

Going over all of the statistics, it looks like a matter of quality over quantity for the PlayStation 3. It's good to see the sun shining on Sony's black box, isn't it?

You can check out the full lists and breakdowns by platform over at Metacritic. The Best Games of 2009 [Metacritic]


    "Nintendo’s two platforms take up the rear, perhaps as result of having more games released than any other console platform."

    But as the data shows, of the 362 titles released ont the Wii, only 1 was 'great'. Of the 329 on the DS, it has only 3. It isn't the quantity of title that's holding them back, clearly it's quality.

    As a normal human being I can't play 362 games and still manage to enjoy them, I'd only be able to play each one for about a minute. I only own about 12 games at the moment, and most people are in the same boat. Clearly then it would be more important to release great quality games, not just a truck load of garbage ones.

    LOL @ MW2 PS3 being better reviewed than the 360. I can safely say WITHOUT checking metacritic to compare, but the PS3 would have less reviews by critics than the 360 version.

    So, is that ranking averaged by quantity of good games, or average score over the whole field?

    Did anyone else notice that PC scores add up to 101%?

      And the 360's score now that i look at it

    Ummm, what?

    The PS3 version of MW2 is placed at #2, with a metacritic score of 94. Users give it 5.4

    The 360 version (which has sold more than double the PS3 version) is placed at #4, with the SAME metacritic score???

    Despite the 360 version almost universally getting better reviews (however slightly) than the PS3 version?


    (Speaking as someone who doesn't even play or like MW2...)

      Yeah, I saw that and couldn't make sense of it - there doesn't seem to be any obvious logic behind the ordering of titles on equal metascores

        Maybe its how many users are rating the game. Less Users with the same score = higher average score given.

          whoops, just had a closer look. now it doesn't make sense

    Lol those user ratings for MW2 are WAY too high.

      most game reviews, review SINGLE PLAYER.
      since thats what the game is!
      users are reviewing the multi-player, which in this case, 5??? that is way to high more like 1.9

    Not much a difference in the scores, but the 360 scores are skewed due to 51 more games coming out on the console, as well as many different multiplatforms on that list. Also lolBraid

    Also PC wins again.

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