Metal Gear Solid 4 Music Man Joins The New Halo Team

Microsoft's internal Halo team, 343 Industries, has a new member. Sotaro Tojima, formerly of Kojima Productions and credited with Metal Gear Solid 4's sound direction, has joined the Halo publisher.

The official Halo Waypoint Twitter account brings word of Tojima's hire, the second—that we know of—former Kojiima Productions staffer to join Microsoft in its Halo-expanding endeavours. Ryan Payton, assistant producer on Metal Gear Solid 4, joined the internal Halo team late last year.

Sounds like Konami and crew may have a little difficulty as of late in keeping their audio talent interested in staying at the Japanese publisher. Regardless of Konami's musical staffing problems, we look forward to what the combination of all that talent and the backing of the Halo franchise will bring.


    Who knows - perhaps MS are actually on to something decent with whatever Halo brings after Bungie.

    Perhaps a game OTHER than Halo may even be on the cards. Just because its called 343 Industries, doesn't necessarily mean Halo games. It would be good if MS did do something like that. All that talent they're collecting, they could do something pretty wild.

    I still say leave Halo the the experts, Bungie! No matter WHO you collect to work on a non-Bungie Halo game, no one can beat Bungie at their own game.

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