Michael Moore Not So Impressed With Akihabara

It's Tokyo's geek mecca - Akihabara. Games shops, arcades, manga, anime, figurines and maid cafes. You name it, they just might have it. A Japanese TV program gave filmmaker Michael Moore a tour.

The above image has a Japanese subtitle of the director offering this insight: "Lots of unnecessary things are being sold here."

He also noted, "Shopping may brighten the spirits, but they're just fooling themselves." Yes, fooling themselves by buying plastic models of giant robots.

When Moore visited a maid cafe and got the standard "Welcome master" greeting from the maids, Moore replied, "I'm not your master! Everybody's equal." Not in a maid cafe, Michael Moore!

Good thing nobody told Moore that maids charge otaku 500 yen ($6.25) to play rock-paper-scissors, right?

マイケル・ムーア監督秋葉原へようこそ [灯里のブログ via Sankaku Complex]


    Mr Moore: you are trying too hard.

    Also, stfu.

    he would be such a drag to know

    He was just cranky that he was on a long flight and couldnt get a box of doughnuts when he arrived.

    I'm a wealthy, obese white male from the richest country in the world. Only my country is allowed ridiculous excess! You should all stop and be poor like we made you last time!

      You have absolutely no idea who Michael Moore is, do you?

        You mean the ridiculous fat fuck who makes horribly uninformed and one-sided "documentaries" trying to shove his often misguided point down people's throats?

        Nope, no idea. Have you even heard of him before Bowling for Columbine? Piss off.

        Michael Moore is a tool who does more to hurt his causes than help them in every arena but the young, angry university kid crowd dying for a cause to hate The Man for.

    pic needs a caption ... CAAAAAKEEEEEEEEEEE

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