Microsoft: "Halo: Reach Will Be The Biggest Game Of 2010"

This year, 2009, isn't yet over, but Microsoft is already talking about next year - namely the biggest game of next year. That game, says Microsoft, will be Halo: Reach.

Next year will see the release of Final Fantasy XIII in the West, God of War III, Gran Turismo 5 and StarCraft II. "I feel confident that there's nothing that will compare in size," Xbox exec Aaron Greenberg told website Gamasutra. "Halo: Reach will be the biggest game of 2010."

All of those title are big, big games.

But Halo: Reach will eclipse them all, Microsoft says. Agree? Disagree? Discuss!

Microsoft's Greenberg Promises 'Halo: Reach Will Be The Biggest Game Of 2010' [Gamasutra via 1Up]


    That's a seriously gutsy claim, considering the competition. Also on the horizon, Bioshock 2, Heavy Rain, and, potentially, Half Life 2 episode 3.

      Half Life 2 Episode 3 is a pretty gutsy claim! :P lol...

    Define biggest.

      i'd say in sales, given halo's track record. Whether the game will be any better then those others is left to be desired.

    Maybe... we need to know anything more about it than the title to make a guess though.

      You and me, yes, we need to know more. Halo fanboys on the other hand...

    So we haven't seen any trailers, screen shots, production videos, a release dat, and now that i think about it the only thing we really now about this game is it has "HALO" in the tittle.

    I don't now but to me i don't think it is fair to say this we be the biggest game of 2010 because there is simply a lack of information to go on

    Typical American Arrogance at show here. It's this type of claim that killed the Halo franchise for me... I used to love Halo, really loved it!

    Now, I haven't even played Halo 3 or ODST... maybe I've grown up? *shrugs*

      you sir need to go and play some halo matchmaking. immediately. sometimes growing up is the worst thing you can do.

    I thought the cow named Halo was milked enough... Seems like Microsoft want to give it a few more tugs.

    I'm pretty sure he means "Halo Reach will have the biggest marking budget and hype drive of 2010".

    Wont happen. We no next to nothing about this game. Oposing titles (FFXIII, GoW3, SC2) all have alot of viable evidence and media about them, months before release is even on the horizon.


      its not gonna stop the millions of XBOX fanboys buying it anyway

      they could probably ship a blank disc and get a half a mill sales before anyone noticed

      xbox and Halo fanboys will buy it no doubt. But xbox and Halo fanboys dont make the entire gaming population. And they surely aren't a bigger nough population to be able to condemn Reach as the Biggest of '10
      Its not a multiplatform game, there is not much media surrounding it at the present time, and i dont think it'll be anything more than an in depth preview at E3 next year.

    We don't know when it's coming out... it could be in December, which would give them time to build the hype.

    But isn't Natal supposed to come out next year anyway?
    Maybe they'll include it in every Natal bundle along with some games designed for the mum / pop crowd... that should boost sales.

    I'm curious to see how SC2 will sell. Sure it's a well known game, but it's PC exclusive and definitely won't break into the mainstream market in any country bar Korea, and with MW2 selling less than 300k (i've never seen more than 115k online at one time) do they really have much hope for making numbers close to what Reach will, even though I wish they would.

    wait wait, biggest marketing campaign spent on advertising there game, GRAN TURISMO 5 !!! BOOM TOWN! ... come on if there is any badass game coming out soon it has to be gran turismo!! and by soon I mean .... when its done! 2010!!!

    While I'm a Halo fan, and I believe that Reach will sell extremely well, I seriously doubt that it can match some of the other games coming next year. Especially considering that it is an Xbox 360 exclusive.
    Final Fantasy XIII will probably beat Reach, and it's likely that Starcraft 2 will as well.

    Halo 3 has sold 10 million units to date say Halo: Reach won't be the biggest selling game of 2010 is silly...sorry but it is.

    I cannot think jealously when i read people whining about MS apparent milking of the Halo franchise.

    Firstly, i know all Halo games thus far have been published by Microsoft. Bungie were developing Halo long before MS came into the picture. Secondly, the time between releases is more than what series such as Call of Duty and Uncharted have offered.

    The critical response for the Halo games has been nothing but universally praised. The sales have been through the roof and 3 years on, Halo 3 can continue to dominate the charts and attract huge numbers.

    This is still a BUNGIE game and apparently their last (for now). MS may continue to dish out Halo games, but hopefully only Halo content. Until MS do that, then talk rubbish about them "milking". But before doing that, perhaps half of you should read a dictionary before defining a series like Halo as milking.

    I'm a big Halo fan but i haven't played Halo in MONTHS. I'm over it for now and cannot WAIT for Reach to bring me back into the Halo mood. But whether i was a fan or not, the Halo franchised has NOT been milked AT all.

    Considering most are probably PS fanboys (did i mention i own a PS3 too) that are bashing Halo. They don't have a killer app or a franchise that had both ciritcal and commercial success. Now they can bring out their two excuses being GT5 and Uncharted 2. But Uncharted 2 sales haven't been through the roof and never will. Word of mouth may help it, but its not going to be a household name. GT5 HASN'T been released yet and besides, thats a Car Game.

    Then they have the Resistance. Rumours of a third game have been mentioned. If so, it could be a late 2010 release. That would be 3 games since the PS3's release. Uncharted 2 already has 2 games and a 3rd would be no less than late 2012 away with the way Uncharted 2 went.

    I think the Sony fanboys should concentrate on defending their own so called franchises before criticizing a franchise that has not only became a household name, broke sales records, dominates the charts years after release, has had nothing but critical praise, but ALSO, changed and revolutionized its own genre.

    Halo: Reach is going to be big though. Enough said. Final Fantasy has a strong chance at beating those sales. But since its Japanese release is before 2010 and they buy everything first DAY it could affect its total sales in 2010. Unless they speak ONLY of US sales, Halo has a strong chance. I mean Halo 3 was the US biggest seller in 07 and beat COD4 in the US. But then GT5 could take the crown, but wait and see if it is still the seller it once was especially since Forza is here.

    Bioshock 2 is a yawn and StarCraft II also - for them to even be considered the biggest game is just ridiculous. I don't even think Bioshock reached 6 million in total.

    I have no doubt he's right... in a year where there probably won't be a massive CoD game... of course Halo is going to wipe up. And the hell with Star Craft, IMO it will flop... I'm happy to have more Halo, I loved ODST and I'm really happy to have another campaign to go through. Shame that all the "it's cool to hate Halo" retards will continue in their FANBOY-like ways regardless of the fact that Halo is the most influential game of the decade.

    Haahaheheahaha! Hehahaheheaahahaha!! HAAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAA!!!!


    Considering that Bungie has made some big thrillers such as halo 3 and ODST I would asume that reach will be awesome!......

    When Infinity Ward made Modern Warfare 2 they commented that it will be the next halo 3 well Infinity Ward, Reach will be the next #1 game in stores across the world!!!!

    (Hey Bungie)........ lol

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