Microsoft: Hardcore Games "Sell Themselves"

It's been a constant criticism of both Xbox consoles: that Microsoft can only sell shooters to the hardcore gaming market. So what does it say about Microsoft's marketing power when the company admits those games "sell themselves"?

In an interview with, Microsoft's David Dennis has said that marketing games towards a casual audience - something Nintendo are very good at - is nowhere near as easy as marketing games to the "core" market.

"The core are going to buy the games", he says, "we don't have to focus on marketing those - well, we do, but those games in a lot of ways will sell themselves because they're such immersive and intense experiences that the core is going to buy, and buy disproportionally for the Xbox".

As for casual games, that's a market Microsoft think they'll crack with Project Natal. Then again, they said that about Scene It?, and Viva Pinata, and...

Microsoft: Hardcore games easiest to sell []


    makes sense. word of mouth and the internet do the job and we already know about them before they come out and are just waiting for the reviews

    hardcore gamers r hardcore gamers, we go to gaming websites, we read about games actively...casual gamers don't, simple as pie. The one's inbetween like the 'Madden' crowd r far more interesting. They're casual gamers playing hardcore games and probably infrequently read from gaming sites.

    Well Viva is actually a really good game. I think the ONLY problem is, a lot of YOUNG children may not understand it as such. Being a more core gamer, i really enjoyed it for some strange reason.

    But can we really be comparing Scene It! etc.. to Natal?

    Core gamers KNOW the release date. They watch the trailers online, they talk about it to their mates and the suspense that is building up before the game is released. They pre-order etc...

    Casual gamers don't and thats the reason why they have to market those games properly. However, it sad that MS have pretty much admitted now that Natal is going to be covered in Casual games rather than Core. I hope not!

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