Microsoft Puts Crackdown, Katamari On Demand

The Xbox Live Marketplace offers two new ways to fill up your Xbox 360's hard drive. Crackdown and Beautiful Katamari join the list of available Games On Demand titles as of today.

Availability and pricing in your country of choice may vary, but with Crackdown a mere $US19.99 USD, I may finally take the plunge. Wait. Nevermind. I have about 3,000 games to play before I start downloading Crackdown—and Beautiful Katamari isn't one of them—but maybe you're impressive internet connection is up to the task.

Kotaku AU Note: Crackdown is $AU29.95 while Beautiful Katamari is not available on the Australian store.


    Mannnn... I was like... Hmm i might get Beautiful Katamari for my girlfriend (read 'for myself')... Oh well... Not for Aussies...

      But in addition to Crackdown, Aussies also got The Godfather 2 for $69 & Mercenaries 2 for $59. Also looks like we've got some titles that other regions didn't in the last few weeks - Assault on Dark Athena, Frontlines, Too Human & Mirrors Edge.

      Better off playing a Katamari on PS2 I say. The dual joystick action works alot better with the symmetric PS2 controllers. PS2 version is probably cheaper as well. Even if you have to buy the PS2. lol

    "but maybe you’re impressive internet connection is up to the task."

    Really? REALLY?

      "I have a bout 3,000 games."

      Didn't Kotaku have editors at one point?

        The games are fighting over which one should be played first. Or something.

        With the Steam sales over the last couple of days I can sort of understand. I've got a nice backlog for the Christmas holidays.

    I played the 360 katamari, it was interesting, but just not that great.

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