Mizzou Man Serving 10 In The Can For Xbox Live Hookup

Mizzou Man Serving 10 In The Can For Xbox Live Hookup

A 27-year-old man met a 15-year-old girl over Xbox Live, then drove 30 hours to Central California to have sex with her, and now he is looking at 10 years in the federal slammer.

The man, from Richmond Heights, Missouri, “developed a relationship in April 2008” with the girl from Sanger, California, writes the Associated Press. In September he pleaded guilty to having sex with her and was sentenced today.

Federal prosecutors say Edward Stout, 27, drove almost 30 hours non-stop from Missouri to Sanger, “where he engaged in sexual activity with the girl.” Good God, what kind of pharmaceuticals did he have? After 30 hours of driving, I couldn’t have sex with a croissant, much less a sentient being, for the next two days.

Stout was sentenced to more than a decade behind bars and then will have to register as a sex offender once he gets out.

Mo. Video Gamer Sentenced in Sanger Teen Sex Case


  • I wonder if he even knew? overkill I reckon if he didn’t….If she was keen for it and he had no idea of her ages wtf is the issue?
    Really splitting hairs over what 62 days till she turns 16?
    Telling me he deserves 10 years? Cause she was 62 days shy of 16?
    Sure if he knew the truth its totally wrong and he should do the time…but if it isn’t then damn……

    • Its a shame your probably one of those overweight and socially retarded rejects that thinks manipulating and using someones 15 year old daughter is perfectly fine. You have my pity.

  • @Kaylite
    I’m certainly no moral crusader but there are so many aspects to your comment that are seriously out of whack.
    As a 27 year old adult, the law demands that he take responsibility for his actions. “I didn’t know she was 15” is certainly not an acceptable defence either legally or morally.
    The fact she was “only 62 days shy of being 16” is not relevant in the eyes of the law. nor should it be.
    The guy is a desperate scumbag that can only get some by seducing young girls on the internet.
    People like this should not be defended and deserve what they get as far as I’m concerned.

    • What you says is all well and good (especially if he knew of her age) but im curious to here the girl’s side of the story….assuming she didnt call the cops herself :S

  • I love wikipedia… just dont do what the ATO done and use it as a reference in a policy document!

    Driving 30hrs to shag someone half your age (almost), geez, with all the cash he spent on fuel he could have hired a mchooker.

  • @Kaylite – the ignorance and stupidity of your comment is astounding in so many ways. Please tell me you are impotent and/or sterile.

  • “After 30 hours of driving, I couldn’t have sex with a croissant, much less a sentient being, for the next two days.”

    ahaha, gold.

    • She’s underage at the time of the incident. Regardless of what she says he is the legally responsible adult in this equation and what he did was clearly against the law. Her words would probably amount to nothing in this case.

  • Reading this article, it still amazes what kids can get away with on Live and PSN, etc. You can easily register as an 18-year old on Live, no proof needed. It’s not like you can actually give proof, but services like Live and PSN also contribute to the danger of online predators.

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