Mod Tools Coming For Modern Warfare 2?

One of the largest among many gripes the PC community had with Modern Warfare 2 was its lack of mod tools, something Infinity Ward used to be down with. Could they now be on the way back?

Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling - who it appears is now paid to spend all day answering angry twitter messages - has said "there may be some Mod Tools news coming in the future, I'll pass it along once I have it".

"May" and "future" aren't the most promising of words, but as a signal of intent, it's admirable. Doubt it'll do much to appease the developer's former fans, however. As my grandfather used to say, "no point shutting the gate once the horse has bolted".



    mod tools that create dedicated servers, I hope

    lol I also hope... dedicated servers!! I am sick of downloading hosts, or laggy connections WHY WHY WHY!!!

    just to say what everyone is thinking; that picture ROCKS

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