Modder Makes Remote Play On PS3 A Little More Useful

The prospect of "remote play" - whereby you can play select content from your PS3 on your PSP - is an exciting one, but also one that's been sadly under-utilised by Sony and developers. Enter the mod scene.

This is the PS3 Wireless Visual Interface, by techknott. Which allows you to do anything and everything you'd normally do on your PS3 on your PSP.

Sounds amazing, but it's really quite simple; all the device does is stream the PS3's data directly via a 1.2GHz transmitter, which it then replicates on its own screen and speakers. There are compromises to be had doing this, sure, from graphics to poor sound to slight lag, but hey, you want portability, you've always got to be willing to make a trade-off.

What this means is that unlike Sony's official remote play function, which for PS3 games has to be supported by developers, the WVI streams everything. Even Modern Warfare 2.

techknott's - PS3 WVI (youtube video and pics included) [ben heck, via Engadget]


    And here I was, asking for even more lag for Americans to massacre me even more on Rust. Now I have even more cause to shout expletitives from the comfort of my own bedroom! Thank you techknott!

    how? does it work? do you need a home brew on the PS3 or does it use an adapter on the video ports? whats the range of the device or can it be used over the internet to be realy "portable"?

    very nice, though the button layout isnt that great, might have been better to build upon the controller layout and attach a screen from there.

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