Modern Warfare 2 Came *This* Close To A Perfect Famitsu Score

Japanese video game mag Famitsu is famous for its lack of "perfect" 40 out of 40 review scores, having only issued only 13 of them during the publication's lifespan. And Modern Warfare 2 came within spitting distance of that "perfection."

The newest issue of Famitsu weighs in on Infinity Ward's blockbuster, crippling it with a mere 39 out of 40, one point shy of greatness. While potentially disappointing, it puts the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game in good company. Famitsu has also deemed games like Super Mario 64, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Okami, Grand Theft Auto IV, Resident Evil (for GameCube!) and many more worthy of 39/40 praise.

Sadly, though, Modern Warfare 2 won't join the ranks of 2009's other "perfects" which include New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Bayonetta, Dragon Quest IX and Monster Hunter Tri. And Final Fantasy XIII, we presume. Probably safe to save Square Enix a second spot on the list.


    They tried playing it online. Snap!

      Japan. I think I'm right in saying they have the fastest internet in the world, they rolled out 1gbps last year.

      So yeah I don't think the dedicated servers thing really won't bother them :)

      I really don't think this game was worth that score though. Its good but not THAT good

    Super Mario Bros. Wii?

    *throat clear*

    still quite impressive based on the usual lack of interest in FPS's.

      HAZE: 34/40.

    well then, they have lost alot of credit then, seeing as MW2 was a downgrade from MW1 on both PC and Xbox360, the game shouldnt even be that high in the score sheet because there were no improvements and a few downgrades. Not to mention the loss of dedicated servers and the big "screw you" to map makers and modders.

      How can you seriously say that it's "a downgrade" and has "no improvements"? How's about two additions, Spec Ops and host migration, and one refinement, customisable killstreaks, that show otherwise?

        spec ops is not an improvement, it is a replacement for campaign co-op. it is, in their words, bite sized

        Host migration? They wouldn't need that crap if they kept dedicated servers...

    Hmm this joins GTA4 as they only 2 non-japanese made games that score a near perfect. Not too shabby.

    if they can give nintendogs perfect score, their review scoring system is not that reliable... period

    Yeah, 100% bet Famitsu will give FFXIII perfect score. I mean, if you think FFXII was "perfect", you're simply a fan.

      While i am a fan of FF man 12 was crap they ruined the battle system for me made it like every other rpg

    It looks like infinity ward was just a couple dollars short of that perfect famitsu publicity.

    Should have donated 1 million yen to the Japanese Government instead of war vets.

    While i really liked this game i still think like alot of games these days its highly overrated.

    its just fucking stupid I have to connect to korea town to play a team deathmatch infinity ward get your shit together and start patching IWNET failed... game over.

      you actually get better pings playing 'korea town' than say, 'america town' or 'europe town'.

    it is not the under 100ms MILLISECOND connection I lust for ... you motherbleep oh I keep forgetting your not allowed to abuse people ...

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