Modern Warfare 2 Fixes "In Test" For These Problems

With a few million people playing and actively trying to exploit your game, some issue are going to crop up. And Modern Warfare 2 has had some issues. But Infinity Ward is tackling them, including that recent infinite ammo thing.

IW's Robert Bowling updated the Modern Warfare 2 masses on the developer's current plans to fix some nagging problems. He writes, "Update in Test now: 1887s Balanced. Public "private" Match fix. Infinite Ammo fix. Prestige Hack on PS3 fix. Texture Hack on PC fix."

Looks like we can expect few double shotgun wielders in our future and less in the way of grenade spam. When all those updates will go live and onto your platform of choice isn't always Infinity Ward's call. But keep an eye peeled! I mean, stay frosty!


    I wonder if they'll release the matchmaking fix for the 360 while they're at it.

    While glitch fixes are always good, still no word at all on a matchmaking patch for the 360. I'd just like some less laggy games for us Aussies, please.

      Yeah. What's up with that? I could understand if they said it was being processed by Microsoft or something but its like the 360 version of the match-making patch has slipped between the cracks.

        MJ said it best when he penned the chorus "ALL I WANNA SAY IS THAT, THEY DON'T REALLY CARE ABOUT US!!"

    Above link is the new "Status Updates" section on the IW forums. Apparently they will release patch info on there as well, so keep an eye out folks!

    I played a Infinite Ammo game 2 days ago & it was crazy. Everyone had grenade launchers & rocket launchers, & you would get smashed rushing in to capture the headquaters.

    I also clicked on search & destroy & it put me in a game that looked like team death match on Rust but it turns out it was free for all & you could kill the players with the green name above them & you would get 50 points. There was about 18 people playing the same game & since Rust is a small level you can stay in the one spot & just stab the players that spawn right in front of you.


    Speaking of matchmaking, I think the PS3 version is fixed. Since the last patch everytime I log in it always connects me to an aussie game and no lag. Not sure if others are finding the same thing but for me its been great!

    I love that afghan map it is beautiful !

    I liek my 1887s
    As if they didn't realise it was OP before they released it..

    If any of you chaps are looking for low lag matches on XBox, goto They do clan and social matches for Aussies. Admittedly, there were a lot of whiney teenagers on it; but with more exposure, I’m sure we can attract a lot of adults.

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