Modern Warfare 2 On 360 Busted, Ammo In Plentiful Supply

Now, I'm no scientist. Or console engineer. I don't know how this is happening. All I know is, there are increasing numbers of people playing Modern Warfare 2 on 360 saying the game's ammo counters are all busted up.

Essentially, people are joining MP matches, then finding that there are no ammo counters. It's unlimited ammo. On all weapons. Here's one forum post highlighting the issue, but hit the internet, you'll find dozens more. And some videos. Like these ones.

Like I said, I don't know how this is happening, but word on the street is that it's an exploit - created by modders - that can be "passed" around, like a virus. Only, instead of corrupting data, it blows up MW2 maps.

I'd post more videos, but it seems every single one has awful cheese-metal/pop-rap playing over the top, so I'll spare you the torment. These ones should suffice for now.

Soon as we hear from Activision - or find out how extensive this glitch is, or how it's happening - we'll update you. In the meantime, any of you guys run into this? If so, fire off in the comments section, let us know how it went down.


    That's a better video.

    Been entered into a few of these. They're fun if you can get the kills to get an AC130, painful if someone else does.

    Regardless, the online is a mess for this game, especially for 360 users - no local matchamking patch for us, 18-man FFA games popping up, private matches becoming public, heaps of glitches, exploits like this. MW2 needs some fixing.

      its a mess on all the systems worse on the PC when weve been dragged down to the standards of a console

      its also the most unbalanced game ever

      it used to be a lighthearted milsim now its just an arcady POS which is even more annoying since you cant tweak matches on the PC version to anything respectable

      oh and Bullet Rego is Broken

        First of all - stop sounding like a PC elitist.
        Secondly - this is the xbox360's turn to whinge. Don't try to change to the focus onto PC.

        Just accept it like I already have. PC ported version is a POS and we need to move on and never buy a infinity ward game ever again.

        They made the game for console. It works 'pretty well' in that environment. Console is where the money is... infinity ward abandoned us PC guys.
        And it makes complete business sense to do so.

        Hopefully BF2:BC2 will be better... although it doesn't have much in way of competition to this POS.

        -Runspam akimbo UZI's
        -Noobtube with ammo replenishing scavenge perk
        -Running lighting speed like a ninja stabbing everyone in your path. (marathon, lightweight, commando; pistol with tactical knife)

        What a f'n joke this game is.

    I didn't hear of this, but did anybody see the glitch when they were updating the FFA playlist last night? For a short time (around five hours) the FFA playlist capacity was 18-man. Essentially, Ground War, except you kill everybody. You were spawning with literally one-two other people, who you promptly had to kill. Does anyone know what caused it?

      It's a glitch founded someone called 'TeOz', I think. It fools the game into thinking that its a private match is a Xbox Live game. A fairly simple glitch used mainly for boosting, but gets old quick. I have never tried making one, but have joined many through normal match making.

      As for the glitch in the above article, I believe its more of a hack involving the editing of files on the 360's HDD via PC. Again, this hack gets old fast.

    My cousin was in one of those matches and he said it was insane so i joined the match. Everyone was using n00b tubes and I used an RPG. It's fully automatic and no reloading, same for the noob tube. You just camp in a good spot. Twice some one got an AC130; he just fired the big missile non stop. It gets boring after a few matches but man is it fun. Your controller vibrates non stop and smoke is constantly on your screen.

    It's so good.

    Yeah, it's absolutely insane. If it happens on Rust (getting an AC-130) you're better off leaving. Trust me. I saw somebody get two Tactical Nukes in one match with AC-130's. That's how good it is.

    yeah i got lobbed into one of those matches on Scrapyard tonight, which i promptly left after someone started firing stinger missiles on full auto :(

    I really like this glitch me and my freind played it for about an hour. It was some of the best time i have had in MW2. I really hope that it could have it's own playlist someday

    It's completely mad... Half a dozen noob tubes going off at once means you can't hear a thing. I was bored of it very quickly.

    It may be good, but you have no choice than to back out if you don't wanna be in it. Seriously 50% of lady nights games were glitches, stupid. Spend forever finding s game with a decent host and it's glitched, go private if that's what u want douches.

    Haha yeah ive run into it, in fact i just hosted one. Best fun ive ever had on COD. AC130 has to be seen to be belived.

    95% of my matches are massively glitched.

    when I join a 3rd person team tactical match, it redirects me to a glitched match.

    IW should really shut down the servers for a day or so and get the patch running, its glitch and hack galore on all platforms, i guess the people who wanted to boycott wanted to take big action and destruction at IW

    this game is just totally borked! makes ya wonder if half this shit is even fixable. even just the little glitches are so annoying. like yesterday on ps3, me and a mate kept getting put into matches that were full when we got in and had 1 kill per side and just ended. we were like WTF!!!??? another classic was yesterday aswell. i was in the lobby... full lobby... game of domination starts and it split the teams, 2-10! it was me and 1 other dude on the team?! the other team had 10 on the side. not to mention the amount of 10th prestigers already. and you know its crap when at the end of the game they have a score of 4-47! thats the worste that ive seen so far. this game is just a mess. as i keep posting on the IW forums... this is what happens when you put the game solely in the hands of a QC dept. a game like this MUST have a beta. its better to have 50000 nerds testing it around the world than just a couple hundred (if that) in the same damn office. they obviously didnt really try to break it. although i still play it a bit, i find myself quitting more often than not because there is a glitcher or a cheater of some kind in there.

    I love the game but find that Im on 1 red bar most of the time, 2 yellow is like the best thing. I remember seeing a 3 green bar game for once only and I have moderate ADSL 2+ . Not surprising that I often get smashed badly in close combat. IW, local matchmaking would make this game amazing.

    Sort of serves them right.
    IW should have fixed the matchmaking for the 360.
    They chose not to so I have no sympathy for their game being trashed.

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