Modern Warfare 2's Army Is 26,000 Times Larger Than Sparta's

Activision sent out a news release today touting the Modern Warfare 2 installation base - 8 million strong and growing - as larger than most real world armies. Indeed it is. How does it compare to history?

Acti says the 8 million highly irregular, untrained MW2 fighters outclass:

• The active-duty forces across all 28 member countries of NATO. • China (pardon, Chiner for you United Kingdomians) 2.3 million strong. • The Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines (what a great place to start ...) by more than 6 million.

You get the idea. Who else? We put the question to Kotaku Jane's Defence and Fighting Ships:

• More than 30,000 times the size of the American force at The Alamo. • More than 13,000 times the size of the similarly ill-fated Light Brigade at the Battle of Balaclava • More than 37,000 times the size of G.I. Joe's entire roster.

In short, a lot of people are playing this game, in numbers that could easily overwhelm more courageous, better trained forces. If they were fighting on a teevee.


    That's good. If extra terrestrials come to earth we know we can get 8 million people who like guns... and killing things xD

    Maybe i'm just ruining the fun.. but isn't this a completely useless comparison? How about we get a comparison on sales compared to other GAMES. I would like to see if MW2 is the biggest selling game of all time, I can't imagine a game that had the potential to be since GTA4 or the halo series.

      lol its been done, try searching for the topic

      OT: I wonder if the Spartans had as many troubles as we do finding battles? I bet their matchmaking was sweet :P

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