ModNation Racers Beta Burns Vinyl Next Week

United Front Games is kicking off the beta test for the PlayStation 3's urban vinyl kart game ModNation Racers next week, opening up a whole new level of play-create-share goodness to a select few. How can you get in?

Players who picked up early copies of the LittleBigPlanet Game of the Year Edition already know how to get into the ModNation Racers beta test, kicking off on December 18th and running through January 10th. They should have received a voucher to enter inside the LBP box. I'd dare say there are still boxes out there with the voucher inside, but be sure to check used game cases at your local retailer before plunking down cash on a new copy. Odds are good that someone traded back in a copy without removing the voucher, so nose around a bit first.

Alternatively, you could stay tuned to the PlayStation Blog over the course of the next week and a half, where there will be a beta giveaway event going on. Winning entry is probably a bit easier on the pride than digging through used game boxes. I just find pride terribly overrated.

Kotaku AU Note: For now the beta is for North America only. We'll let you know when it's accessible in Australia.

ModNation Racers Beta Starts December 18 [PlayStation Blog]


    As per usual, *NORTH AMERICAN BETA ONLY* :( worth adding a note to the article.

    There is still hope though... despite reference to only "Europeans"... We are still considered apart of their territory, so hopefully it also means AU & NZ also, see below...

    Plus I have some EXCLUSIVE blog news. We are planning a localised BETA test for 2 weeks in early 2010. This is going to have exclusive European content and give you a great taster of what is to come from ModNation. Watch out for a blog post in the next few weeks about how you can sign up to be one of the first BETA testers.


      Hmm are you sure on that? We have a different PS3 store to Europe, and that's where you put the code in...

        Correct. There is no word yet on when the beta will be available locally.

        So just sign up for an EU or US PSN account. It's not hard. I did it to get access to LBP beta, and continue to use it to access US demos/content that we don't get to see for weeks/months/ever.

        Since the launch of the EU Blog, it's been quite rare for AU to miss out on some of the promotions run through it... MAG, LBP (PSP) Beta, etc... also Vidzone launching in AU before alot of other prominent EU countries...

        Anyway, while it's *still* not 100% confirmed, the Blog has been updated with some replies... Liam confirms that NZ will be included, that is enough for me to suggest that AU will also get it...

        Whilst the US Blog is updated more frequent and better serviced, the EU Blog will always be far more relevent for us Aussies...

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