Mum Calls 911 When Kid Won't Stop Playing Console

In Chicago last month, a kid called 911 when the 'rents took away his Xbox 360. Saturday in a Boston suburb a mum dialled the law when her son wouldn't stop playing. Oh yeah, Grand Theft Auto's involved here, too.

The Boston Herald reports that Angela Mejia, 49, woke up in the middle of the night to find her 14-year-old son awake and gaming, playing Grand Theft Auto (naturally, the version was not specified.) She unplugged the PlayStation (naturally, the version was not specified) and then called the cops, who finally persuaded the kid to stop killing hookers and go to bed.

Of Grand Theft Auto, Mejia insists she "would never buy that kind of video." Noooooo. "I called (police) because if you don't respect your mother, what are you going to do in your life?" I dunno, lady. Have you talked to your doctor about safe, effective, fast-acting kick his ass? Mrs Good used that. When I was exactly that age, too.

The Herald notes that she broke down in tears during her interview and then goes into the obligatory discussion of game addiction. I invite you to read the whole story. It, the headline and the presentation are credulous to the point of self-parody. Bottom line: Maybe the kid needs help. The mother does for sure. The 911 on Video Game Obsession [Boston Herald, thanks Enigma Nemesis]


    "Safe, effective, fast-acting kick his ass"
    Yeah I seem to remember my mum using that one on me too. I have since picked some up for my sons too. LOL

    The mother really wouldn't have control over the kid to keep him in line if he's up in the middle of the night playing GTA. There's something going wrong here.

      Yeah, there are obviously some control issues going on in that family. But is it really a matter to call the police about?

      She also talks about getting her children to respect her. Now i'm not sure what the situation over at her house is but I think a lot of people (not just her children) would lose a lot of respect for her because she had to call the police to control her son

        Actually, it's something the police need to know - this woman doesn't sound very fit for caring for the child. For several reasons, none the least of which is calling 911 - not just the local police station, but 911 - for something so trivial.

        I have to agree with you there, but I have to note that not many people have the psyche to hurt their child in any way - I know a couple of people you could slap in the face for no reason and they'll just take it, even if you do it a few times.

        Maybe this poor woman's being controlled by her child, because she couldn't say 'no' to him by taking away his game.


    I love news articles that panic about gaming. They have been self parody for a long time now. It's like watching those 1950's public service videos about the dangers of mentally ill "Homosexuals", or the "Marijuana Cigarettes" that will instantly turn you into a diseased, nymphomaniac gypsy with a screaming addiction.

      Ha, Reefer Madness anyone?

        Except Reefer Madness is about somethig with proven detrimental effects to mental an physical health. True, Reefer Madness takes it to extremes, but I don't appreciate using it to liken videogames to marijuana. I mean, isnt that Atkinson's job?

    "gamer assumes the role of ladder-climbing criminal." Like Mario!

      Wanted: Mario Mario

      Guilty of Treason, Murder, Manslaughter, Aggravated Assault, Breaking and Entering, Robbery, Possession of Illicit Drugs (Magic Mushrooms), Dangerous Driving, Speeding, Driving Under the Influence of Narcotics (Magic Mushrooms), Impersonating a Koopa of the Law and Attempted Murder.

    Phantasmogoro, you should see a propaganda film from the 50's (i think) called reefer madness.

    Quite funny.

    This story reminds me of the late nights I had playing Warcraft 2, Red Alert and Starcraft over a 56kbps connection! The pre-rentals never called the cops on me however.

    try a drop of lavender in your bath. Pretty soon, you will soak yourself calm.

      Add a dab of lavender to milk; leave town with an orange, and pretend you're laughing at it.

    Could have just pulled the fuse from the fuse box, confiscated the playstation, kicked him out of home... or kicked the ever-loving-bejesus outa him.

    That's the way Mrs Mac did it, and now I still game till four in the morning but I leave the damn lights off... and I'm an adult in my own home so it's perfectly acceptable.

      I thought pulling out a fuse from a home's house box makes everything go SPARKLE SPARKLE dead.

        Nah, it's like a selective blackout.

        Unless you pull all of them, then it's all off.

    This really seems ridiculous. There's a thing called a power cord. Take it and hide it. One of my friend's mum's even went to the point of snapping a game (Crash Bash - he couldn't find another copy and never forgave her) and that worked to stop him from playing the game. But the police? Really? Some people...

      I love Crash Bash, but snapping the disk? That's pretty far to go in comparison to just taking the controller or power cord.

    *SIGH* I hate stupid people...

    What is it with killing hookers in GTA? I just kill whoever happens to be closest at the time.

    I'm an equal opportunity murderer.

    "I would never buy that kind of video"

    for starters, they are video GAMES.

    secondly, how did he get it then? was it forced on him by the schools as homework?

    "if you don’t respect your mother, what are you going to do in your life?"

    maybe he would respect you if you were in some remote way involved with his upbringing.

    "Grand Theft Childhood: The Surprising Truth About Violent Video Games and What Parents Can Do."

    I'm sorry, I'm not a parent, but I was recently a child, and remember my mum preventing me from having my own tv, policing my viewing hours and what I would watch, something she could easily do from where ever she was, as the TV would be in the living room in the middle of the house. she knew about everything I bought. Up until the age of 12 I was always under supervision, either professional, or trusted friends or family. She worked full time.

    Is this REALLY that hard? because between this article, the R18 rating and the internet filter, you would think all parents know how to do by their children is worry and complain.

    Was 911 really needed? I understand a mother calling the police to stage some disiplinary action, its a great tactic, though this article makes me wonder, how many youth have been turned into zombies by GTA, Im beginning to think its beating World of Warcraft now.

    Also those talking about reefer madness are you talking about the 1930's edition or the totally awesome 2005 musical version with Alan Cumming and Kristen Bell? Both are hilarious anyway.

    The thing I'm most surprised about is the cops actually showed up and attempted to solve the problem. How little does the Boston Police force have to do?

    the linked article was fine, it wasnt fear mongering at all. The only people making a big deal out of it is kotaku.

    Any parents who cannot control their children should probably stop, take a step back and look at themselves and why they lack said control in the first place. Blaming it on an object just shifts the focus away from the root of the problem. Unfortunately I'm getting the Jack Thompson/Michael Atkinson fuel potential from these kinda stories.

    Some parents need to take control over their children, who at times I reckon can be pretty domineering and demanding, but christ, she's the parent and she should know how to deal with the situation. Calling the police? Seriously?

    That kid also needs help; if he's up that late at that age, something wrong and he needs assisstance.

    She needs sleep alright and we'd all be a little better if they were both 6 feet under... at least it'd save the police a shitload of headaches. What a complete dummy scout.

    Don't worry GTA, we still respect you, no matter how many stories about stupid/incompetent/dysfunctional parents you end up in.

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