More Dead Space 2 Art Dug Up From Beneath The Surface

So far, we've seen two Dead Space 2 pics. One piece of stupid marketing, and the cover of a magazine. May as well make it three, with this new piece of concept art.

Let's see, what have we got...a Marker, a big hole in the ground, and another planet covered in rocks, only this time it's grey, instead of orange.

Oh, and there's some kind of town/colony in the background, whose inhabitants are sure to get through all this just fine.


    Hate to disappoint, but thats the same concept picture they released for the first Dead Space, colony thing in the background and all. It merely has Dead Space 2 on it now. I know cause it's been my background for the last 10 months and just compared the pictures then.

    i cant wait for this game!!!

    The first was fun until the complete arcade fiasco that was the last few boss encounters.

    Yeah, this is old concept art from the first dead space. Had it as my background like a year ago so i'm pretty sure it isn't new.

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