More Final Fantasy XIV Screens Than You Can Shake A Chocobo At


    Hmmm, i usually pass screenshots with a resounding meh but these actually have left an impression on me. I was going to ignore this game but now i'll have to look into it.

    I think its silly of a game company to release screens and promotional stuff for a game when the game before still hasnt been released.

    Consumers will see this stuff, be hyped for it and forget all about FF13.

    Too soon on Square Enix part.

      Just so you know, Warcroft, FFXIV is actually an MMO style game as opposed to FFXIII, which is single player RPG. These games will not be in direct competition, and Square Enix probably hope that they will complement each other.

      Now why they're continuing to release two very different gaming experiences under the same branding is another question - it tends to breed this sort of confusion, which seems like a bad idea to me, but I guess the FF fanboy crowd is large enough that they don't feel the need to differentiate between their titles more clearly. (And let's face it, simply having "Final Fantasy" on the cover of the game guarantees a decent sales figure...)

      This is firstly a MMO and secondly in no way similar to FFXIII.

      You forgot about Versus. ;)

      And, well, the two games ARE different genres. Why can't someone by hyped for more than one game at once?

      FF14 is an MMO, which caters to a different audience. Regardless, I'm getting both. I feel like moar grinding, and WoW isn't my taste.

    All that artistic splendor and yet, it is the narrative that ALWAYS suffers. The Final Fantasy series has always had a weak narrative housed by an artistic shell... Remove that shell and what's left?

    Why can't they spend more on the narrative aspect of the story telling, character development and plot, for instance. Like hiring a respectable novelist or screenwriter to pen the story.

    If not, I fear that one day Final Fantasy will be FINAL.

      Whilst I agree many of the older Final Fantasy's suffered from a weak plot (as did most games of the time that attempted storylines at all), the quality of those stories has improved steadily in my opinion.
      You'll never find a shortage of fans claiming FFVII to have a spectacular story, and the numerous additions only reinforce this.
      Personally, I think FFX's story is by the far the best; the quality of the story leads me to imagine a movie being made of it (and quite well at that).
      Though my opinion isn't important. Don't judge a game by its cover. The screenshots appear promising so far. What's to say the story won't match or exceed that quality?

      The best we can do is wait and see. :)

      Really you think that the final fantasy stories are weak?

      From what i've seen they are some of the best stories around. And a lot of reviewers of the final fantasy games say that the stories are really well done.

        I guess you've got a point. They may be poor by today's standards, but at their time they were probably above the competition in that regard.

    most of these are clearly screenshots from cinematics but damn they do look gorgeous. The ones with the crabs and the wizard dude definitely look ingame

    Sorry Squares got a history of releasing CGI cutscene pics instead of gameplay pics to promote their games... I think I'll wait til I see some actual in game pictures (with the HUD) before I judge.

    Do we know which of these are pre-rendered and which are ingame? I'm pretty sure only the first eight aren't in-game, but looking at the thumbnails I honestly wasn't sure.

    Warcroft, Final Fantasy 13 is out in Japan, and withholding screens from a region for want of a local release of a different game seems a bit silly.

    Also I doubt much could diminish many people's anticipation of FFXIII

    Stunning... Simply stunning...
    It's amazing that after all this time the FF series still manages to deliver in spades.

    @warcroft - No time in the history of anny FF game has a release of an upcoming game halted it's popularity. For some reason FF games seem to sticl with people and don't just fade away because the consumer saw something else shiny. In fact, the hype for this game will only add to the already roaring fire of advertising at squareenix.

    Not to mention these are effectively 2 completely seperate games. One is a single player classic FF adventure and the other is a MMORPG...

    If there is one thing these do right, it's creating hype - and with good reason as they usually deliver on promises in a big way.

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