More Movies Refused BBFC Classification Than Games

More Movies Refused BBFC Classification Than Games

In an attempt to counter unfair stereotypes about games, UK game industry trade organisation TIGA reveals that three times as many movies have been refused British Board of Film Classification ratings than games in the past five years.

The statistics, which came to light as a result of a written answer to a question by a Parliament member in the House of Commons yesterday, indicate that only four games in the past five years have been refused BBFC classification. All four instance occurred in 2007, and Rockstar’s Manhunt 2 for the Wii, PS2, PC, and PSP could very well account for all four, and those were all reviewed and granted classification the next year.

In contrast, thirteen films have been refused since 2005. TIGA CEO Dr Richard Wilson finds this data very telling.

“There have been hardly any instances of the BBFC refusing classification for video games. In fact, during the past five years, there have only been four games deemed unfit or unsuitable for classification, as opposed to 13 films – more than three times the amount of games. It is important that these facts are placed in the public domain as they clearly counter some of the unfair stereotypes about video games.”

Of course, for a more accurate idea of the film versus movie ratings ratio we’d have to know how many movies versus games passed through the BBFC ratings procedures during the reported years, but the data we have is good enough for a forum argument.


  • Well I don’t know how many movies might not have made it, but I used to work in the UK as a DVD Author and had to deal with the BBFC quite a lot. You would see directors and producers franticly going insane with the absurd cuts they have to make on their movies just to get it released on DVD

    I think Britain is probably next to Germany the worst country with the ‘most things cut out of a film’ ever!

    And things get really absurd too. Sometimes when you buy a DVD or watch something on TV that has been heavely dregged through the BBFC, you will find whole plotlines to a movie missing because somewhere in between the lines someone noticed a boob or a butt.

    The worst cuts I have seen are on the UK DVD versions of Silent Hill and Ace Ventura Pet Detective. Two films that do not even need cuts to my opinion. But you know how it goes.

    Oh yes Ace Ventura Pet Detective, that HAS to be for kids! I mean c’mon look at the title!
    Lets cut out that part where ace reveals Miss Einhorn is really a man and replace it with just a football hitting her head at the end.

    And there are a few key scenes missing from Silent Hill too. (Like the skinripping scene)

    • Isn’t that a little different though? The movies would not have been banned without the changes, they just would not have got the classification the movie studios would have wanted to maximise profits.

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