More Uncharted 2 Co-Op? Certainly Sounds Like It

Uncharted 2's co-op play seemed to go down well with players, so it's only natural to see developers Naughty Dog talking about adding even more to the game via downloadable content.

Speaking with G4, Naughty Dog's Evan Wells has said "So for future DLC, could we add more co-op? Probably more in the arena-style type of gameplay, like our Survival and our Gold Rush modes."

"The objective-style co-op that we have where we have those little narrative's something that we are considering and we'd really like to do, but it's a much, much bigger investment of time because we have to do a lot of motion capture with the actors and record a lot of voices. So we would absolutely want make sure that we talk to our community and make sure there was the proper demand for it."

So come 2010, you'll probably get more co-op. You may even get more story-driven co-op. Merry Christmas, Uncharted 2 fans.

Reaction Time: Naughty Dog's Evan Wells Reflects on Uncharted 2: Among Thieves [G4]


    I don’t play Uncharted 2 online at all, I already unlocked everything worth getting from the points I scored for the single player. Every time i have gone online it’s been laggy as hell, but more importantly I’m just not having any fun, Uncharted only works for me when it’s a character driven cinematic explosion filled blockbuster. If you ask me, they should be focusing on perhaps adding content like new guns or more single player content, Uncharted 2 is really a single player game, the multiplayer is just a bonus.

    I do play Uncharted 2 online. Primarily co-op, after having unlocked all the trophies for the single player game. I don't usually get lag, even though I use the PS3's wireless connection. It's a great bonus though, aside from CoD4 this is the only other MP game I have come back too. I look forward to more co-op goodness, but I hope they don't forget they have a great single player game, unlike some developers.

      What I’d like to see them do is add more chapters to the game from Lazarevic’s side. The first level in Nepal for example, have a level showing how he took the whole town complete with shootouts with the locals. Or how about the tank level in the mountain village, that level long shootout with Lazarevic’s hired guns would have been great to play from the perspective of the bad guys. The Lazarevic skin and a few bad guys are already in the game, surely it’s worth it to go back into the studio and record more motion and voices.

    Yeah, the last patch really improved the online experience and I'm glad that they're showing signs of further support - I love it when devs continue to tweak and manage their game's experience. I'd gladly put down a few bucks more for some extra co-op goodness...

    This is a good move on Naughty Dog's part, I think. In some other games who's campaigns I've loved (Halo 3, MW, RE5), I would have gladly paid 800 points for two or three new missions. RE5's made the right move with the upcoming DLC, and Halo's campaign was perfect, but I would have loved an epilogue mission or something for MW. Even something to tie in with MW2, making it feel less disconnected and more of a complete experience.

    So kudos to Naughty Dog, and I hope more devs (I'm looking at you, Bungie, IW) follow suit with their current and upcoming games.

    I just got this game for Christmas... been hanging out for it really bad (Cant afford to buy games all the time at the moment)... LOVING THIS GAME! Great follow up to the first! =)

    Hmm I'm pretty sure I called this exact thing happening in a previous Uncharted 2 MP article :)

    Andrew apart from your lag issue maybe you're just approaching the multiplayer in the wrong way. It's easy to jump in and try to play it like traditional FPS multi and not have any fun, but it's very different. I haven't had this much fun in a multiplayer game for a long time.

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