Movie Posters Hijacked, Turned Into Game Posters

Give the kids at Something Awful a brief and directions to employ PhotoShop and they'll generally come back with something special. Latest example being these movie posters, re-purposed as video game posters.

Below are some of the better ones, but there's plenty more in the OP.

Movies with video game names [Something Awful]


    I’ll fire up my Photoshop and make one of these myself.

      Check it out

        lol classic!

        Best one of the bunch.

        Hahahahaha! Holy shit, I love you!

        Haha awesome!

    I love em!

    Not as good, though, as's Photoshop contests. There's one about the hidden victims of videoogame characters that is particularly hilarious. I'll send it your way, Dave.

    Not bad, compared to some of the stuff on SA. Lol @ the Monkey Island poster. Also can anyone tell me what movie the HL poster is on?

      The Mist

    I LOVE The Mist! I thought it was really unpopular!

    That's fantastic! I'm constantly amazed by the creativity some people exhibit with these mashups. I'm especially a fan of Monkey Island - mainly because it's a fantastic game, and I wish there was a real Monkey Island Movie!

    I don't have a something awful account, and don't intend to pay $10US to get one, but if someone with one wants to take this and post it on there and claim it as their own, by all means, be my guest:

      couldn't resist making a few more :-D

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