N64 Emulator Stumbles Onto The IPhone

Jailbreaking an iPhone isn't as necessary as it once was, but hey, some people still like to do it. And those people can now play some N64 on their iPhones.

By all accounts it's a bit of a mess but then, that's what you get when you muck around with this kind of business. There's sloppy framerates and poor controls all over the shop.

On the bright side, it supports the...Wii Remote?

N64 Emulator Hits Jailbroken iPhones, With Bluetooth Wiimote Support


    I laughed when I saw the Wii Remote control possibilities. Hardest. Controller. To use. Ever.

    But at least there actually is a working Nintendo 64 emulator out there. And besides, you mention bad framerates. I don't see a 'buggy to all hell' statement there?

    The last downside though is that it actually costs $2.50, like, the ONLY jailbroken app I know of that costs anything. Heck, you can even get legitimate apps from the App Store that you have to pay for on a jailbroken iTouch/iPhone.

    love the idea, not the execution

    Wow, that's pretty good for the iPhone. I wonder how they got the Wii remote to connect with it? Wifi?


      The Wiimote uses bluetooth for connectivity and wi-fi for pointing at things. So you can plug your wiimote into any computer that has bluetooth or a bluetooth adaptor :D

      Oh, and i just realised it says it on the source link :P

        Haha. As did I. =P


    So now we do what? carry a wiimote around with us in our pocket just in case we want to play some Kirby 64?

    This is such a useless app. the bad framerate and having to carry around a peripheral; Not to mention you have to pay for it. Honestly not worth it, but cool to see someone is doing it.

    I will be impressed however when i see someone fit a full N64 controller onto an iPhone and then tries to play Goldeneye.

    God gizmodo and the people that come here are clueless it runs smooth as shit on iphone 3gs and people get facts before commenting and also people saying its useless well if you dont like it dont comment or download problem solved retards

      Adam - you'll notice that most of the inaccurate stories are posted by Luke Plunkett, he usually gets very basic facts wrong and doesn't do any research whatsoever.

      The original Gizmodo article makes the claim based on the video. The article that Gizmodo took the other information from was in Spanish, but translated it will only work on a 3GS anyway.

    Idea is tops. Love how they're trying to squeeze these capabilities into the hardware. But it just doesn't work. Firstly it's very sluggish, mario karts fps was awful. Then the wiimote controls? Wtf? Why not landscape with virtual dpads, joysticks and buttons?

    I agree, Tom. It's all well and good to see ports of classic console games come to portable systems, and I think Mario Kart DS nailed that. However, trying to pack everything on the iPhone, which despite it's touch control systems and acclaimed library of games already, is probably not a good move.

    Still, it's a pretty fun experiement. I don't think it should cost money though, especially if it's in as polished as the article states.

    I don't see how it's a useless idea - it's as always, a case of "I do it because I can". I'd say we'll see some sort of improvement rather quickly if people jump on board. As with other apps on the iPhone though, the problem is input. The Wiimote helps, but kind of defeats the purpose.

    Still, props for how far they've gotten it!

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