Namco Bandai Digging Into The Archives For Re-Releases

Got an interesting press release today from Namco Bandai. It goes a little something like this.

"Leading video games developer and publisher NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc., announced today their intent to increase its digital distribution presence."

Boring so far, right? It is! Thing is, it gets better, the company pledging to spend 2010 plumbing the depths of their back catalogue and releasing them on the 360, PS3 and PSP.

It'll begin with Beautiful Katamari appearing on the 360's Games on Demand service in "Q1 2010", but more encouragingly, will continue with a range of PlayStation One "catalogue classics" throughout the year.

The PSN needs a lot more quality PS1 games. It's nice seeing at least one publisher publicly committing to release more games on it.


    How about you just stop region locking Japan-only games on the 360? So much hate for bandai-namco...

    Hopefully they'll pop Klonoa on a proper console
    ( the wii is not a proper console )
    i'd enjoy them if they were re-released on the the PS3

      That would be epic! Klonoa has a part in my childhood. I remember my cousin and I taking turns to complete each level.

      And how is the Wii not a proper system?

      It's got good games. It was released the same time as the other consoles.

      Just because the graphics aren't as good and the controls are a tad different, doesn't stop it from being a console.

    I think Sony should just cut a deal to have every game ever made on the PS1 up for sale, why not?, Just have a huge back catalogue of like 10,000 games or however many were out on the PS1 sure they put the popular ones on like Command and Conquer and Crash Bandicoot. These developers aren’t making any money on these games now days anyway, so why not, Sony can take like a small cut and the rest goes to the developer. And how many people wouldn’t want to download Chrono Cross or the Tombi games. I like the popular games just as much as the next guy, but its usually the lesser known titles that people form a special bond with.

    I would buy this game called “Disruptor” in a heartbeat if it ever went on sale

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