Netherlands Hospital Blackout Blamed On Silent Hill

Netherlands Hospital Blackout Blamed On Silent Hill

A psych ward patient in Holland killed power to an entire hospital thinking he was solving a puzzle in Silent Hill.

Jan H., the patient, shut down power to Sophia Hospital in the Netherlands thinking that by doing so he could acquire a toothbrush that would complete a puzzle. The hospital lost power for 45 minutes, stranding some folks in elevators and forcing doctors to resort to manual efforts to keep intensive care patients breathing. Noone was hurt. (Poor Noone.)

In a trial last week, Jan H. skated on – what else – insanity. A court ruled he had “no idea of the true consequences of his deed.”

Man Causes Blackout in ‘Silent Hill’ Hospital
[OffGamers via Hot Blooded Gaming]


  • Check your sources. OffGamers doesn’t cite any sources (or suggest they’ve spoken to the hospital, police, or the patient), everyone else on the web is quoting OffGamers, and the mainstream media doesn’t appear to have picked up the story. It’s probably for real but as far as you know you’ve been taken for a ride here.

    • Actually, scratch the “probably real” and insert “probably a hoax”. OffGamers claims it “sparked controversy” – but web searches are unable to turn up any dicussion of it predating the OffGamers post which is more than a little suspicious even considering the sources would more than likely be non-English. If this was on Hardcasual we’d take it as a joke and in the absence of sources we should probably do the same here.

      • In fact Google News searches don’t return any results from Netherlands news services that link the words “Sophia” (as in the Hospital) and “Jan”, both of which should survive translation. I think you (and the gaming journalism community in general) have been had.

        • The original article on Dutch blog 24Oranges links to the ruling on the Dutch Judiciary and Supreme Court of the Netherlands website.

          Running the relevant section through Babelfish gives us:

          On 20 July 2009 drs M.G.J. have Nijhuis-Quanjel, clinical psychologist, a psychological report brought out on the verdachte. This report keeps among others, shortens and business reflected, in:

          Was at the time of him at account laid of it talk imagine themselves and hallucinations. He lived in the world of a computer computerspel (Silent Hill) to which he was addicted themselves and from that perception went he to the hospital, which according to him Silent Hill were. Person concerned was as it were conducted and sent by its imagine themselves and had no choice possibilities. Person concerned was the schizofreen laid at the time of at account and drunk in a psychotic episode. Moreover there, are strong indications for an impairment in the autistic spectrum, which causes that person concerned does things compulsive and carries out rituals. (.) The combination of its imagines himself and impairment in the autistic spectrum caused that person concerned reached at account laid and not the possibility was make behaviour choices. On the basis of above can be concluded that person concerned was at the time of him at account laid irresponsable.

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