New Alan Wake Screenshot Is Comfortable Following A Well-Worn Path

Remedy Entertainment released a single screenshot for Alan Wake today. Just the one. Here it is.

Alan, torch, darkness... yeah, it's much like everything else we've seen from a game that will see you spending most of your time in the dark, with a torch in your hand.

Love the Twitter advertisement, too. It was only a matter of time before screenshots became as cluttered with ads as a TV screen is with watermarks.



    Umm never knew there was a problem with a Broadcasting channel placing their watermarked logo on the television screen. I just thought labelling your own product was a thing done even with paintings dated way back to BC.

    Anyway - there is a new Alan Wake gameplay video anyway. Goes for roughly 6 minutes and can be found on youTube somewhere. Just search Alan Wake Police Chase.

    I'm more and more eager for this game. LOVE the whole, Run & Gun. Something one game has failed to do this year...

    Graphics rock, but it's beginning to look a bit samey... all the screenshots released before, say... 2008? Were in daylight, sunset, big open environments, etc... and they looked really diverse... everything from this year has been dark and stuffy.

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