New Medal Of Honor Revealed As "The Most Authentic Modern War Experience"

Electronic Arts has officially announced the reboot of its first-person shooter war game Medal of Honor, bringing the franchise into the modern age and deploying it to Afghanistan, promising "the most authentic modern war experience" for fall 2010.

That amply bearded, box-art starring soldier is a Tier 1 Operator, "a relatively unknown entity directly under the National Command Authority who takes on missions no one else can handle" according to EA's announcement. The new Medal of Honor—known simply as Medal of Honor—will give gamers a chance to "step into the boots of these warriors and apply their unique skill sets to a new enemy in the most unforgiving and hostile battlefield conditions of present day Afghanistan."

Just like that year-old rumour said.

The all-new Medal Of Honor is currently in development at EALA and DICE, responsible for the game's single-player and multiplayer components, respectively.

Keep an eye out for Medal Of Honor next year, when it will hit the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.


    Can't EA think for themselves anymore?

    Good to see DICE on the multiplayer, atleast that should be decent.

      Sure they could release something unique and original, but they probably won't be what the people want. The people want modern war shooters, and they're giving them one.

      And I agree, DICE should do well with the MP.

      really if it was another WWII shooter youd be saying really another one

      and whenever they go to far into the future they put in stupid weapons anyway

    Haha, call me crazy but im looking forward to this, shameless follow-along that it may be.

    who knows maybe it will be better than MW2 - dedicated servers?? EA has played nice with BC2 :)

    I too will look forward to it, as long as it doesn't have an arcade shooting style as CODMW2 has.

    Allied assault was great, it actually felt like you were shooting people rather than paper targets. I hope they actually do keep it authentic and unforgiving as stated, let's have some fire modes, no health regeneration, an actual challenge, no rewards for every single thing you do in MP, and keep the focus on gameplay rather than the cinematic distractions that make 12 year olds cream their pants.

    We don't need more COD trash. That game has gone so far off the rails it'll never be back.

    That picture makes me laugh, he looks like a bogan with a paintball gun that forgot to shave but made sure his cap is in the right place...backwards! I suspect this is a mercenaries type game, where it strays heavily from the traditional militaristic formula. At least it should anyway. Hmmm i wonder if this is the start of the WW2 shooters dropping off the scene, considering this is one of the more popular IP's to go modern.

      dude, the "bogan" pictured is actually quite an accurate portrayal of what special forces soldiers look like on deployment in combat areas. Their grooming and dress tends to go out the door a bit for operational reasons so that when working beyond their own safety zones they don't stand out like ducks nuts...

        the only place this guy WOULDN'T stand out like ducks nuts would be boganville, boganland.

        This is correct.

    Why are others so keen on bringing down COD.

    I don't see this beating COD4, World at War or MW2 in sales. Just won't happen, no matter how good it may be.

    Why can't they respect how popular COD games are and critically acclaimed. Tad pathetic if you ask me.

    It is a little funny that they've gone modern now, it doesn't mean success. But i guess a re-vamp calls for a change in direction...

    Somehow I doubt it will be a realistic as Modern Warfare 3 :o)

    I'm in. DICE on MP will be excellent, at least, hopefully.

    I'll bet they have dedicated servers though. I can't believe what IW have done to MW, i can't deal with the MP element at all. I prefer COD2 MP to that. "we know the gamer" clearly you don't Infinity Ward. Bring on the next battlefield, you've lost me COD.

    Totally should have finished of the WWII games with one where you play as Mad Jack, three years, people are going to be so sick of Modern War games as they are now of WWII games... I want Korea, or Vietnam, or fecking fifty years into the future... I like Modern War too much now to watch it go down the same road as every other overdone videogame cliche. Let IW do what they do best, and do your own thing...

    I want a Medal of Honor game with dinosaurs or leprechauns or something, anything but a clone of Modern Warfare...

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