New Prince Of Persia Poster Is So Meh

The Prince of Persia movie trailer is fantastic — actually kind of excited to see it. Maybe! Looks like a Jerry Bruckheimer movie with sand and a shirtless dude. This latest movie poster?

Looks like the most boring magazine we've never read in the dentist office. Hey, someone make the posters less zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

News: New Prince of Persia Poster [Latino Review]


    I thought they moved to the more exotic looking font like they used in the trailer =/

    this poster looks more like the prince of stoners than the prince of persia

    looks like one of those charictor banners that they hang in theters during the films run they will probably have similer ones for each of the charictors and why not they did it for the matrix and harry potter and pirates of the carribean and so on and so forth ... its just marketing and well im the kind of guy who doesnt read bill boards closes any and all unsolicedted windows without even looking at them and mutes the TV during ad breaks

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