New Spock Will Teach You How To Play Star Trek Online

In case you missed this weekend's Spike TV Video Game Awards, you also missed the announcement that Atari's Star Trek Online was getting a little more Trek cred.

And by that we mean the inclusion of Mr Quinto, famous for his roles in Heroes and JJ Abrams' Star Trek, in the massively multiplayer online Star Trek game. Quinto will be offering his Spock-like vocal talents to the forthcoming game, "teaching fans how to explore the Star Trek Online universe, improve their characters, attain higher ranks, and succeed in space combat".

If Quinto's voiceover contributions are devoid of enthusiasm and warmth, that will probably be spot on.


    Wow. If there's ever been a video game vocal to phone in then Spock's the one. At least then he can say it was intentional.

    Anyone know if there will be and how much per month the subscription will be? ($Aus or $US)

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