Next Team Fortress 2 Update To Get Friendly?

Watch this video. Listen to the lengthy looping of audio files reportedly dug up from the depths of TF2's latest update, dated December 7. Then try and make heads or tails of what it all means.

It seems to be suggesting that a new game mode is on the way for Team Fortress 2, one that sees players from opposing teams joining forces, much to the displeasure of the announcer.

So, what, you start a normal game then the teams are randomised? Reds and Blues vs Blues and Reds? That's one of my two impressions, and it's an intriguing one.

My other impression is that this is Valve, and this is Team Fortress 2, and both of them take great delight in fucking with us, so who knows, it could be the reddest of red herrings.

[thanks Sylon!]


    It does sound like a gamemode is on the way - I wonder if it has something to do with joining or playing the game with people on your Steam Friends list, and being punished/rewarded?

    Best guess I've heard is that it's an anti-team stacking measure. Assume it'd just work off player names and detect clan tags.

    Hopefully it's a new gamemode though..

    It would be nice to have some sort of mass co-op mode of some sorts.

    Its a new game mode where you have to either kill your friends or work together to win, sounds fun can't wait for Valve to bring it around, after L4D2 authoring tools though and then they can get around to EP 3, these boys have been busy and i'd imagine their plates are quite full for 2010.

    Is this the voice actor who does Glados?

    P.S. HL2EP3 plz.

      Ellen McLain does the voices for GLaDOS, the announcer in TF2 and the Combine Overwatch.

      check it:

    Maybe something like Juggernaut from halo?

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