Nielsen's US Gaming Market: By The Numbers

Market research giants Nielsen have today released a report on the demographics of the video game industry, revealing things like total console ownership figures, gender division and statistics on the number of hours people play video games every day.

According to the company's research, undertaken in Q3 2009, 54% of American households own some kind of video game system, whether it be a console or handheld device. Surprisingly, the bulk of that number are up to date, with 41% of Americans owning either a PS3, 360 or Wii (or combo of the three).

Actually, that's not surprising. This is surprising: did you know that 52% of PSP owners are female? Sounds crazy to me, but hey, Nielsen do market research better than I do. Other gender-related figures reveal 45% of "active" gamers are female, who also account for 49% of Wii owners.

When it comes to time spent playing, the average US household now play for 3.36 hours a week on a console.

Finally, in terms of spending, one interesting stat is that 61% of gamers who enjoy a game they rent go on to buy the thing.


    "52% of PSP owners are female..."

    Not overly far-fetched, my cousin says she enjoys Loco-roco more then any other DS game.

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