Niko Bellic Goes Love Crazy, Asks Australia To Grow Up

Grow Up Australia employs GTA IV machinima to urge Australians to get involved in the R18+ classification debate.

Grow Up Australia [site]


    I... don't get it. At all.

      Yeah, not feeling it. I thought it was gonna head in the getting intimate direction, and they'd have to leave Australia to do it or something... But nope! Just random romance movie trailer or something, what. Not even any content that would have to do with the classifications.

      I think it's trying to imply that without an R18+ rating, all we'll have is cheesy romance games... but we've been without such a rating all this time and we have far more action than cheesy romance games, so the message either isn't clear or isn't applicable (or both). The video isn't tied to the message coherently at all.

      Personally, I'd actually love to play an open world game that doesn't involve shooting. I'd prefer it to have a stronger story that the intentionally bad one here, but I find the base idea quite appealing to be honest.

      I appreciate their motives with this, but the execution is... well, completely off.

      You see.. Why would a Wookiee, an eight-foot tall Wookiee, want to live on Endor, with a bunch of two-foot tall Ewoks? That does not make sense!

    It's not very effective...

    What exactly is this saying about an R18+ rating?

      "And what’s more, the games itself have grown increasingly sophisticated. Two dimensional, black and white games are a thing of the past with the array of next-generation releases containing rich graphics, dynamic characters and compelling storylines."

      pulled from the 'grow up Australia' website.

      ..but this movie seems to match just that. A cliche black and white 'rom-com' parody. I can't tell if this is trying to be a joke and differentiate video games from this rom-com formula or...i really dont know. The message is obscured.

    niko(gary) : call the cops b'coz you stolen my heart
    girl: i love you gary

    For starters the message is not exactly what one would call clear. Secondly the message isn't the right one to be sending.

    What this ad says to me is that mature is means violence and gore and that is all we want as gamers is more violence and more gore.

    Hey... I'd love to see a developer take a stab at a romantic comedy computer game. It may not be what everyone wants to play but hey, I'd give it a burl if it was good. :)

      This. NC, you and I have been chatting about Amelie elsewhere. I too would love to see that kind of creativity and imagination used in video games.

      I assumed it was more about showing the public that games aren't all childish power fantasies, although it didn't do that particularly well either.

    i didnt get it, and it was way too long for the average user to bear with the sappy music and basically unfunny dialogue, to see the r18 support bit at the end.

    Yeah I'm not sure I see the relevance of the message and the machinima together. Don't get me wrong, the message is important, but I don't think this machinima really conveys it as such.

    It was funny as and I loved it up until the point it was cut off with an abrupt message that had nothing to do with the video. Way to kill an awesome movie spin off trailer. I want the uncut version!!! (I guess it worked HAHAHA!!!)'s like those ads that has nothing to do with the product...except this one is crap.

    This is what would be left of GTAIV if the classification board had a say in development. It is an extreme of the slippery-slope argument and a bit more for humors sake.

    You can't take Roman out to gamble or get wasted. You can't get high with your arms-dealer LJ. Every second word out of Brucie is borderline. Not to mention all the ethnic stereotypes that the politically correct classifications board probably find abhorrent. The board would cut most of the story-line missions and I can't remember a single character that was an upstanding citizen.

    The video is a bit odd in its delivery of its message however what this article fails to mention is that the grow up australia website has a form that makes participating in the "public consultation" a lot easier. Saves me an envelope.

    But thats a load of fucking Bollox! the game did get thru, and all that got cut was some blood.
    GTA4 should have been R18+ like shit loads of other games and THAT is what this fugging argument is all about!

    this video was a waste of time, the green screens and ending title would have been far more effective just by them selves.

    I don't know - it did manage to show GTA in a positive light. I mean, you can legitimately play the dating part without engaging in the mindless killing part (boring or not). In a way, they're showing that even as the world's most famous violence scapegoat, GTA is a game that features violence, rather than demanding it. It is a sophisticated game and, contrary to the opinions of certain politicians, it's actually fairly run of the mill.

    The video points out the diversity of GTAIV's in-game actions before cutting back to reality and stating that while you CAN do that and only that, it is boring and limited, and would remain so without the adult content.

    AVP was successfully appealed

    what's to get? they're merely suggesting that if we don't create an R rating in video games then this video is (an exaggerated version) what we'll likely get... a dull sitcom. Using gta was just a tool to get the point across.

    @DavidBrady Come on, you must be aware that gtaiv had more then just blood removed.

      To say that a lack of R18 rating would turn even the most prolifically violent series into a Rom-Com is no different from saying the existence of video games encourages mass murders and rapist.

      They are both far fetch exaggerations and do each side no favors.

    love it!!this machinima guys are cool!

    I thought it was very well done as a movie trailer pisstake. Very good. But as others have said it doesn't put across a clear message. Perhaps if they had of left him as Niko Bellic and tied it more to the GTA storyline (somehow).

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