Nintendo Dominating US Game Sales Through November

The US video game industry may have a down year and Wii sales may have dropped considerably from 2008, but Nintendo still has something to brag about this year. Sales of its video games are still kicking everyone else's arse.

According to updated figures from the NPD Group, as reported by IndustryGamers, Nintendo is set to dominate software sales here in the States. Its presence in the top 10 bestselling games of the year (through November) gives the company six of the top 10 spots, with five Wii games and one Nintendo DS contributing more than 13.5 million sales so far this year.

It's mostly what you'd expect - Wii Fit, Mario Kart Wii, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Pokemon Platinum, Wii Play, Wii Sports Resort. And Nintendo will have to settle for second behind Modern Warfare 2. But we won't be surprised to see this list change, maybe including one more Nintendo game, by end of year.

NPD: Top 10 Games Through November Reveal Nintendo Dominance [IndustryGamers]


    That pciture says it all...

    ..I could be nasty and say in 5 years time where will those people in the picture be, but that would be cruel.

    But I'll do it anyway

    In 5 years time where will the people in that picture be? Thats right, possibly 6 feet under while people like me (who could also be 6 feet under in 5 years) will be buying the next round of XBOX/PS consoles and forgetting all about NintendoN'T

      So we need them all dead now? Why so much hate for ninty? srly don't gedit

      Oh hey dans... nice to see you making a thoughtful and non fanboy comment for onc... wait.

      Oh right. Carry on.

    my GF loves NSMB Wii. Im so glad i got it cause we can play for hours :)

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