Nintendo Sold Over 1.5 Million Wiis, DSs Last Week

November will be a big month for Nintendo when all is said and done, based on the more than 1.5 million consoles and handhelds it sold in the United States last week.

That 1.5 million breaks down to more than 550,000 Wii consoles and more than 1 million Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi portables, according to Nintendo's internal estimates. In terms of frequency, that's over 150 Nintendo hardware units sold every minute, more than 2.5 smiles put on faces every second.

Yes, those are impressive numbers. But one of those numbers was more impressive last year, when Nintendo says it sold more than 800,000 Wiis during the same time period.

In 2007, Nintendo sold a comparitively meager 350,000 Wiis during the Thanksgiving spending spree. That year, Nintendo boasted that Nintendo DS sales topped 600,000 during the same week long period, a number that jumped 20% the following year, nothing that compares to the new 1 million unit sold record held by combined DS and DSi sales.

Since Nintendo sold 506,900 Wii consoles and 457,600 Nintendo DSs during the full month of October, we'll bet the company will have something to brag about when November's tally rolls around. While we suspect it won't shatter November 2008's amazing records, we wouldn't be surprised to see Nintendo branded things topping the charts.


    ..and in other news an extra 100,000 reported having broken they're TV's by flying nunchucks

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