No More Heroes Xbox 360, PS3 Has No More Motion Control

The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 port of No More Heroes won't take advantage of new motion control schemes for those respective platforms, according to Marvelous Entertainment head honcho Yasuhiro Wada, condemning Travis Touchdown to an analogue control fate.

Wada tells Edge Online that No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise is getting the high-definition once over to "bring the game to a wider audience." To wit, Marvelous isn't "currently considering to use uncommon new technology" like Project Natal and Sony's still-unnamed(?) motion controller.

No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise is being reworked for a prettier, motion control-free release by Lost Odyssey and Ninety Nine Nights II developers Feelplus. Wada says that the new analogue control scheme should "improve the sense of being in the game."

Interview: Yasuhiro Wada [Edge Online]


    Will we get the uncensored version this time, I wonder?

      They probably won't bother releasing it here at all.

        I'm not too sure about that. It now happens to be a multiplatform release (as well as a port that mustn't really be costing them a ton to put together) for an audience who seem to be more receptive to the type of game No More Heroes is (nothing against the Wii, but it's hard to shine when minigames outshine you in sales). It definitely has an audience here.

        Also, despite the fact that more and more games seem to be getting the dreaded Refused Classification stamp on them, I haven't really noticed a drop in games companies not bothering with releasing in Australia because of it.

    "No More Heroes Xbox 360, PS3 Has No More Motion Controls"


    One of my favorite games on the Wii, but I don't think it would be worth playing without the motion control. Thats where all the fun was.

    Wait what the hell, I thought it wasn't getting ported. I still havn't played through the game due to lack of blood.

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