North American Record Of Agarest War Trailer Is Shameless

The North American trailer for Compile Heart's breeding RPG Record of Agarest War knows its audience, and with blurred nudity and a borderline money shot, grabs them by the... well it isn't the throat.

There were two ways to market this game in the states. Either Aksys could play up the fighting system and gloss over the more adult bits, or they could release a trailer that basically says that the game itself doesn't matter as much as the scenery within. That's not the sort of message that makes me want to rush out and spend my money.

Very nice use of '70s porno guitar though.


    banned in aus.

      I wanted this too

        You can actually buy this here everyone, a quick Classification Board search shows it rated MA15+, it's called Agarest: Generations of War in Australia.

    I laughed. That music just works with the trailer.

    Banned in OZ, did you say? Well, no big surprise there. We all know how Atkinson believes that games have a greater impact. Imagine his cadre of pensioner voters being turned into anime crazed sex fiends.

    Maybe it's better this game was banned, after all.

    Did the original japanese version have the mosaic blurring? Although I guess suggestive blurring has a greater impact than realising there's nothing to see..

    That trailer was so funny haha

    Haha, the music just completed the whole trailer.

    Japan can keep this, and more like it for all I care, I’m not interested in a glorified henti slideshow.

    Ah that was entertaining. It seems like a parody clip you'd find somewhere, like someone knocked it up in half an hour for some laffs. The guitar was brilliant :D

    That was bloody fantastic.

    Degrading to men, imo.

    I don't want to be seen as someone who sees women like that :\



    that was......... aaaaah


    I have to say, that seemed like the kind of thing someone would use to parody the game rather than advertise it.

    Goddamn hilarious though.

    At least they don't waste there time "beating around the bush" :)

    The article and trailer made me laugh.

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