Not Yet, Sorry, Not Yet

Final Fantasy XIII is released only on the PS3 in Japan — as seen on 2ch.



    Wait... Why is the light green? Aren't they supposed to be red?

    Didnt know you can play ps3 games on the 360 modern technology these days.

    wtf! so now xbox 360s now support PS3 games?

    i cee y people like final fantasy but its in the same boat as mario sonic Zelda(unfortunatly) Prince of persia weve all had fun with em but we gotta let em go on a high other wise were not gonna remember the good were only gonna remember the bad game that killed the franchise.

    anyway in summary let final fantasy die already

      final fantasy isnt dead yet. Zelda isnt dead yet either, you tard. SONIC is dead however.

      greg, The other games you mentioned are not dead. They have never had a tremendous amount of bad games to nail the coffin door. Sonic is getting there, yes, hes not dead though. It is likely Sega will keep him alive, he is dead to us fans though. Final Fantasy and Zelda are HUGE, so I dont know how you can say that. However I dont think Prince of Persia is that big. Thats had a few bad games. However the movie IS comming out so...

    Such a shame that you will have to be changing between discs throughout the game....
    Also, why is it a PS3 copy on an actually working 360? That's just too confusing

      I like changing discs :) lol. For nostalgia mostly, I guess.

    Surely that 360 is going to red ring soon,
    It's sitting in a pretty enclosed space by the look of it.

    Correction, Sonic died, and then was risen as some sort of zombie freak for furries. A francise may be dead, but can it stay dead or will it haunt you forever with new crap releases. Take a wild guess. Here is a hint, money can be made from dead things.

    I can see a lawsauit in progress, for Sonys cockblocking pracktice makes them an ass.

    Ghostbusters was released at the same time on X360 and PS3, in Europe however it apeared 6 months later on X360.

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