Obama And The Game-Crazy Christmas Kids, Now In Video Form

OK, everyone. Obama asks the kid if the DSi plays "The Sims" on it, not "Sins". So much for the CNN transcript from earlier today. This is the American President listening to the Christmas wishes of kids. Not easy!


    Figured it was the Sims :P

    Thanks for the Video, Kotaku, very entertaining :P

    I Think i should actually take back my comments from the transcript posted earlier. Written down it made him seem very out of touch and a bit daft but when you watch the actual video he was fine.

    Also, I thought it was the sims too, but damn the Sins is just too funny for the american president to say, especially when he then talked about jesus and the real meaning of christmas.

    lol at all the kids wanting ds's,ipod's and psp's.

    Then when the He asks the kids "what happened to asking for a bike". The very next kid says he wants a PS3.

    to the kid who says he wants a PS3 after the Prez was just saying "what happened to asking for a bike"...you got balls kid!!

    u cant blame him the PS3 does do everything lols

    When Obama said "Who you gonna call?" the kid should have said, "GHOSTBUSTERS!"

    The funniest thing about this is the headline at the start.

    "Gun in Snowball Fight"

    Only in America...

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