Oh Yeah, That Other Final Fantasy Release

Oh Yeah, That Other Final Fantasy Release

It may not look, sound or play quite as good as its numbered big brother, but the recently released Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers does have one advantage over Final Fantasy XIII – I can understand it.

I’ve played around 10 hours of Final Fantasy XIII now with zero-Japanese comprehension skills, and it’s still one of the better games I’ve played all year. I should be picking up Crystal Chronicles when I get back from holidays, so I’ll be in more of a position to compare the two then. Until then, Final Fantasy definitely wins graphically, while The Crystal Bearers takes home the prize for letting me know what the hell is going on. Expect results to shift sometime in March.


  • I was really excited for this game, but then my attention shifted to FFXIII, and now I don’t care as much for it. I suppose my I might buy it, if I have the money after FFXIII.

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