Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Overwatch DLC Deployed

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising gets its second helping of downloadable content today with the Overwatch pack, bringing two new multiplayer modes and two new fire team engagements to the battle for Skira.

Xbox 360 players get first dibs on the new OP:DR DLC, dropping today on Xbox Live for 400 Microsoft points with PlayStation 3 and PC owners getting it "shortly". The downloadable content includes two new multiplayer modes - the objective-based Blindside and occupation game Supremacy - along with Friendly Skies and Hostile Takeover, two new fire team engagement missions.

Take a look at the trailer for the new content below to see what Overwatch brings to the table.


    Yeah, pretty much no... all they're doing is making the game what it should have been to begin with and charging us for it. Not happening brahs!

    That what Assassin's Creed II DLC feels like to me. You get Sequences 12 and 13, but the ingame explanation of them is that you're rushed. Even if they're cheap, it still feels like a letdown to me.

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