Out Outs The 'Gayest' Video Games

Out.com, the online presence of the gay lifestyle magazine Out, has selected its "Gayest Video Games." This is like pouring jet fuel on a thermite-and-napalm salad, but these are games that trip their gaydar, not ones straight people call "gay."

"Super Mario Bros.: Cleaning pipes and taking names," goes the first entry. We can see where this is headed. "Two bare-chested dudes on a mission neither can accomplish without the other," is the description for Contra. Duke Nukem is a "muscled Chelsea queen." Mortal Kombat is "Likely the first and most tranny-relevant video game." And the "hands-down gayest video game of all time," oughta set a few people off. The Gayest Video Games [Out.com via Go Nintendo]


    What a shock, people seeing gay subtext that isn't there in video games.

      What a shock, people getting offended at a clearly tongue in cheek article. It was pretty funny and completely intended to be taken as such.

      They have at least one point: Duke Nukem was always a hyper-masculine stereotype for teenage boys who weren't confident with their sexuality. He is the poster boy for over compensation.

        God forbid anyone disagree with your analysis but that article was Immature and worthless as far substance or humor goes.

      Blow it out your ass

    Will we ever see a openly gay main character in a game?

      You have the option to be gay in a few games already. Dragon's Age was a pretty good recent example (and they handled it well too!)

      I find it annoying that to have a gay character in a game is still such a big novelty....

      Captain Rainbow? Hey, what happened to that guy anyway..

      TBoGT ring any bells?

    This list is pretty ridiculous. Mario is a hard working man who CRUSHES his enemies beneath his feet. Dr. Robotnik is the Big Bad, call him whatever you want. Pikachu can not only shoot LIGHTNING out of it's face, but it can also do front and backflips on a surfboard. Probably the only credit this game gets is with Kirby; "...which made swallowing cool again." Heh.

    Ever played Fable II? Whilst they didn't have same sex marriage in Albion I'm pretty sure you could flirt with other men. Not really my thing, but it's there.

    As for an actual openly gay main character, I think it would be too much of a risk for developers. If it was just a fun fact that the main character was gay then I wouldn't have an issue, but if the game requires pursuing other men, then the game wouldn't really appeal to me.

      Ben Sutton from caringbah high?

        dont forget as a female character you could flirt blah blah with other female characters. Lesbians are gay as well.

    you motherfuckers analyze shit too much

    I have a feeling that this site needs a new slogan. Im thinking "Out.com: Proving once and for all that lazy hack writing is not influenced by sexual preference"

      I was reading the article and happily clicking away until I realised that the IT nerds at work might now think i bat for the other team hahaha

    I understand all the people bashing the article, however I disagree. The article is clearly satirical, and means no offense. The jokes are about many people's perception of homosexuality, not homosexuality itself. I know a lot of gay people, and I knew them before they were gay - they are/were nothing like this, but a lot of people stereotype them like so; hence the joke.

      I think it would be better to say you knew these gay people before they came out, rather than before they were gay. I agree with your points though, anyone whose bothered by this needs to calm down :p.

    lol.. street fighter - classic. i can actually see it..

    Although, they did have to dig pretty hard to get this list...

    What about gears of war though? surely that has to make it..

      I think Gears pretty much already outed itself.

        There's nothing wrong with such a beautiful bromance!

    It's a joke. Aimed at a gay audience, so obviously most of you probably don't get it. Jeez.. If they were being serious I think there would be a few more relevant games on the list.

    army of two..

    lol I find it amusing no one has mention the Ballad of Gay Tony yet

      Perhaps that's because, at least in the context of satire, it's just not a very gay game. Realistic portrayals of homosexuality have no place in humour!

      I was just thinking that myself. Surely Brucie from GTA4 deserves an honourable mention.

    How can we forget Final Fight??

    Haggar with his crotch grabber attack.


    Two bare-chested dudes on a mission neither can accomplish without the other. Widely thought to have influenced Annie Proulx before she penned the short story "Brokeback Mountain."

    I lol'd.

    Pretty good article, lightened up my day.

    So its ok for them to say stuff like that but we can't??

      You can say whatever you want. Wake up.

      You think that's air you're breathing?

    I kinda reckon it's unfair to pick out a few games and base them on a stereotype which is, ultimately, bad.

    Just my 2c.

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